Acne – A Deeper Understanding of the Disease


What is acne? And why is it so difficult to get rid of it? Acne is a condition that usually occurs in adolescence and in young adults. This happens when the sebaceous glands (sebaceous) come to life during puberty, stimulated by the male hormones of the adrenal glands of boys and girls, but under certain circumstances these glands produce an excess of oil in the pores and block the ducts sebaceous. and inside the follicle, the surrounding tissues become inflamed.

Acne can appear on the skin as white dots, blackheads, "comodones", pimples, pustules or cysts. face, neck, chest, shoulder or back.

This type of skin disorder is not a fatal disorder, but the reaction is more psychological and emotional than a medical case. Doctor for acne management options.

Finally, acne sufferers must know that "patience" and "perseverance" are needed in the acne management process. Good attitude and understanding of the nature of acne Important for the individual as for the family. The results of acne medications may take two or three months after the first application. In some cases, there are side effects such as an allergy or dryness of the skin; therefore, it is important that each diet or medication be properly controlled for its effectiveness. Rate each treatment over time. Just hang on there.


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