Acne – A Guide To Clear Skin


It's not just teenagers who suffer from acne. Many adults

continue to have acne

Usually, hormones are to blame, but there may be other factors

presents that can cause acne or make it worse than it should be.

Alcohol is a possible culprit. When the body cleans itself

Alcohol it sends it through the pores of the skin that

can in turn become clogged.

Caffeine increases the stress hormones produced by your body and

This in turn can affect your acne. Remember that caffeine can also

can be found in some soft drinks and, in smaller quantities, in chocolate.

A small number of people may be sensitive to dairy products. You

could try to reduce your consumption and see if it helps. Try to use weak

lactose-based products or natural yoghurt containing acidophilus. fat

Foods are difficult to digest and can cause oil in the skin.

Try to avoid cuts of red meat that are oily.

Acne on the forehead or the hairline can be caused by sebum created in

the scalp and moving to the forehead. This can be reduced by washing

your hair more frequently or using a shampoo designed for oily hair

because it can reduce sebum in the scalp. Sprays for hair and gels

also clog the pores.

Hats and sweatbands accumulate dirt and bacteria and need to be cleaned.

regularly or avoid wearing them if possible. Both also rub against

your forehead causing irritation.

Washing the skin frequently and coarsely can actually make acne

worse. Hard rubbing is not recommended, it irritates the skin. Slowly

Wash your face once or twice daily with a mild soap such as glycerin or

Sorbitol-based soap that acts on the pH balance of your skin. Always

Dry the skin gently. Use a clean cloth each time.

You must be careful when using scrubs. They should not be used anymore

only two or three times a week, or less, follow the instructions on the

product. Scrubs are good for blackheads, but not so good if you have a

Severe escape from whiteheads or have serious problems with acne.

You hear so often that you should never pop pimples, that's partly

because it allows bacteria to enter the skin. Pressing

breaks the membranes causing infection and sebum to spread under

the skin. This can also lead to scars.

Stress. The theory with this one is that when you're under the stress of your

body creates a number of different hormonal steroids, one of them is

cortisol. Some of these hormones can affect the oil production of your

body and this oil affects your skin.

As with many things in life, patience is needed when trying new acne

treatments. From all that I've read, a reasonable amount of time for

To see if a product works for you is eight weeks. That can take that

to really know if a product is emotional.


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