Acne – Causes, Medical Treatment And Some Home Remedies


The problem of acne and pimples is usually attributed to teenagers, but few people know that it can also affect adults in their twenties to fifties. In this article let us know more about why acne breaks out and some of the things you can do to treat effectively.

Implications of Acne
The problem of acne is not just about the skin, but can also create a problem in the mind because the man is an animal social and very particular in its appearance and acne. can seriously undermine one's self-confidence. Add to that a face filled with acne is a great stop for one gender.

The way of life we ‚Äč‚Äčlive plays an important role in determining the health of our skin. Among the bad living conditions that can lead to acne include lack of sleep, lack of water, consumption of fatty and dry foods, constipation and hormonal imbalance.

There are many treatment methods and a visit to your dermatologist will determine the best form of treatment for you, but list some of the basic things that everyone can do to control acne.

1. Try to avoid touching the area affected by acne as much as possible, as this worsens the situation.

2. Wash your face three times a day to eliminate acne causing bacteria.

3. Some people recommend rubbing your face to treat acne, which is a totally wrong recommendation, as this will only make the condition worse and bring out more skin pimples.

4. Take natural supplements that contain rivers like neem and amla, which help cleanse the blood and improve the health of your skin by leaps and bounds.


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