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Acne is no longer just a problem with teenagers, adults are also prey

with this skin problem. Acne affects up to 25% of the adult population.

Women are more often confronted with this problem than men. Doctors and others

Health care providers believe that acne can be associated with hormonal imbalance.

What a shame. Just as life begins to come together, the

good job, a house of yours and maybe the man of your dreams, you wake up

one morning and have pimples? What kind of cruel joke is this?

Most women who notice these escapes make an appointment with their

family doctor to obtain an immediate diagnosis to determine the cause of

Escape. In many cases, the results will come back that you have

Adult Acne

The fact that adults have acne puts an end to the tales of old women and the lies of young men that sex, chocolate or puberty are the cause and do not cure this problem. Acne is supposed to be the private hell of teenagers, not another cause of stress for adult women and some men.

A dermatologist will usually prescribe a cleansing regime to solve the problem.

Nine times out of ten, the prescribed diet will not work for you because it has not worked for thousands of other people suffering from acne

A sudden eruption on the skin may not be acne, but may be the result of

an allergic reaction to food or other materials. See a doctor

is careful. His diagnosis can eliminate the use of products or treatments

that does not address your specific problem.

But I have to tell you that after several years of looking at teens with this problem and conducting research, acne is a problem with the whole body. Acne is the result of the loss of some body

nutrients. Now, why this is happening again in adults is because at certain times in our lives we

put the bodies under tremendous stress.

Acne is problematic for adults who are also balancing several issues in real life. Stress can be the underlying cause of acne. If stress is the problem, the cure would simply be to de-stress the system. Of course, it's easier said than done. Try some relaxation techniques, deep breathing and visualization.

If all else fails to relieve the condition, then you must resort to a complete analysis of what is happening in your body. Do you drink enough water to eliminate toxins? Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables to keep your body free of "free radicals".

Acne is caused by imbalances and impurities in the body. Acne must be treated from the inside. Clinical research trials using known acne on counter-treatment have provided little data to suggest that topical treatments have a positive long-term result on acne.

Other data: There were deficiencies of zinc, vitamin A and linoleic acids. acid. Poor digestion is another underlying physical cause of acne.

But the major result of the study showed that protecting the body against free radicals will help the skin to fight infections. The use of antioxidants to combat inflammation that causes redness and naturally heals damaged skin is the best way to achieve long-term natural relief from acne. It makes sense that if the cause of acne is internal that internal cleansing and supplementation is the answer.

Acne has serious emotional and social side effects. These side effects include depression and anxiety in social situations. There is no age restriction on the development of these symptoms related to acne.

There may very well be a natural remedy that will work for your acne. Nature has a cure for everything. She has included acne in the arsenal.


Source by Virginia Sanders

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