Acne Cysts, Severe But Treatable


Acne is a known disorder of the skin that is caused by excessive secretion of oils called sebum which, together with dead skin cells, blocks the pores of the skin resulting in the formation of buttons, buttons or spots. Acne could also be classified on the mildness or severity of the problem whose treatments are primarily determined.

One type of this common problem is the cyst, which is known to be the severe form of this dilemma. Cystic acne is sometimes called "modular acne" and gets its name from the cysts that form on the surface of the skin when acne begins to burst. Acne cysts are characterized by hard and swollen bumps containing pus and painful to the touch. In fact, this type of acne is considered the hardest and worst form of acne. It can also bleed and discharges can cause an incompetent odor. Cystic acne is usually associated with teenagers, but can also affect anyone, regardless of age, sex or race.

The treatment of this acne cyst is generally considered a long-term procedure that takes an estimated time of about six months to complete. Proper treatment of these cysts should be followed to prevent scarring afterwards.

What are the good things to do if you have cysts of acne?

Good hygiene is very important if you have acne and especially these acne cysts. The affected area should always be clean and touching it frequently or unnecessarily should be avoided. There are cleaners available on the market for this purpose. Tighten, jump or prick the cyst is no-no, as it could lead to infection and spread of bacteria. A good diet could also help maintain and restore healthy skin, detoxify our blood to get rid of toxins that eliminate cysts from acne. The diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, seeds and nuts.

What treatments are available for acne cysts?

For infection and bacteria, skin experts prescribe antibiotics such as tetracycline and erythromycin. In addition, tea tree oils from Australia and India's neem paste contained in acne treatment products such as soap and lotions are some of the best in the world. effective remedies for acne cysts. The use of retinol, benzoyl, peroxide and salicylic acid promotes healing and prevention of the formation of new cysts. Vitamin E supplements also play in healing the skin as well as the cyst. More advanced methods of treatments are micro-dermabrasion, dermabrasion, chemical skin peels, acne surgeries and laser procedures that work for the easy removal of these acne cysts .

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