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Acne gel is one of the most affordable treatments on the market. It comes in different packages and are guaranteed to relieve your skin. It soothes your face and gets rid of the itching that you may experience coinciding with the problem of acne.

Types of Acne Gels

At times, acne gels are readily available over-the-counter. You just have to be careful enough not to abuse the use of these drugs. Some examples of effective acne gels on the market are:

o Tazorac Gel . It has two variants, tazarotene 0.05% and 0.1%. The second type is the one used in the treatment of stable plaque psoriasis and mild to moderately severe acne. Before using the tazorac gel, you must make sure that your face is clean and dry and should be used once a day only, before bedtime. Use enough gel to cover the affected area and make sure you follow the doctor's advice for proper administration. The acne will improve in about 4 weeks after continued use of the tazorac gel.

o Differin Gel . The gel contains adapalene and is used as a topical treatment for acne vulgaris. Each gram of the product contains 0.1% of adapalene consisting of 940 carbomer, 940 poloxamer, disodium edetate, methylparaben, polomeric 182, propylene glycol, purified water and water. Sodium hydroxide. In case of irritation or sensitivity when using the product, discontinue use of the product and seek immediate medical attention. It is also advisable to avoid overexposing yourself to the sun if you use the product. Better yet, use sunscreen and protective clothing if you can not avoid exposure to the sun. The gel should be used only once a day, before bedtime and after washing and cleansing the face.

o ClearSkin-A Gel . The product is chosen to treat acne on many levels. It contains an extract of different herbs. The clinical test of this product shows that it effectively cures acne because of its antibacterial properties. The product quickly heals existing pimples and prevents the spread of new pimples. The constant use of the product helps everyone to get a healthy, clear and beautiful face and can be used three times a day.

o Phytome Acne Gel . It is a natural product that can be used in the treatment of acne. It is made from natural extracts of herbs. Since there are no aggressive chemicals in this product, it does not dry the skin and does not cause irritation. Acne Gel Phytome when used regularly can unclog pores and can dramatically reduce the cases of pimple tearing.

Acne gels should be used according to the product documentation. Overdose of the product can lead to worse scenarios such as redness, itching and blemishes. Be sure to consult the appropriate health authorities to prevent your acne from coming back.


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