Acne is Nobody’s Friend


Acne is no one's friend, whether you are popular or conscious, teen or adult, athlete or library worm, no one likes to wake up to find a new one button on his skin. Yet millions of teenagers and adults wake up every day. For some, especially in high school and high school, this becomes a reality. They cross puberty and hormones fly and acne waved his ugly wand and covered his skin with "peas". For others it is the occasional zit that raises his ugly head, usually in a prominent place such as a cheek, chin or nose.

No matter where and when, no one likes these imperfections and while there is not much that anyone can do, there are a lot of things that l & # 39; 39, one can do to help prevent and get rid of these unwanted rashes

First, understand what is acne: an inflammation of the skin that occurs at inside a pore. The inflammation begins deep in the skin 1-2 weeks before anything is noticed on the surface. It's important to remember and that's the key to prevention. The pimples start deep in the skin and it takes a week or more for them to surface, so you can not just treat the pimples you see, but you have to go further and treat the pimples that you do not do not see as well. That is why a complete facial treatment regularly and consistently is the answer.

Do not just spot treat the pimples you see, but take care of all the complexion to help prevent pimples that you do not see. Taking into account the extent of acne, a thorough cleaning and treatment application should be performed 1-2 times a day

Three steps are required to get rid of buttons and warn them:

1. Unclog (and keep the pores open). Dead skin cells adhere to the skin's natural oil and can clump and clog pores and set the stage for acne. Keep pores clear by using a daily wash. Effective washes against acne include salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids or sulfur ingredients, so read the label!

2. Kill the bacteria. The clogged pore creates an airtight environment, promoting the growth of bacteria, with benzoyl peroxide being the preferred ingredient (2.5%).

3. Reduce inflammation. The red and white blood cells are sent into the pore filled with bacteria, which gives a pimple. In a pinch apply ice indirectly for 15 min, followed by 1% hydrocortisone to reduce redness and swelling.

The key is the prevention of acne. And this happens by having a regular cleaning routine with proven products.

Love your skin!


Source by Cheryl J Phillips

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