Acne Scar Treatments


Reports show that many Americans spend billions of dollars on beauty products and that a considerable number is devoted to eliminating acne scars. There is a lot of treatment for acne scars and all require patience, determination and of course a lot of money. The treatments are done in sessions with side effects and healing and the recovery can last several months depending on the treatment. Side effects can range from simple redness to possible infection and technical errors. The latest in treating acne scars is the CO2 laser and the Er: YAG or Erbium (YAG) laser. Both involve the use of lasers and are expensive. CO2 laser has prolonged and prolonged side effects, while the second has less serious side effects. However, the first shows significant results compared to the second.

Another way of treating acne scars is the fractal laser; chemical peel that uses prescribed peels applied to the face with a certain dosage; dermabrasion which involves the use of a diamond or a metal wheel at high speed to remove the surface of the skin; perforation technique that involves surgery and leveling of the skin; increase, which is similar to the punching technique; and the subdivision. All of these treatments can range from $ 50 per scar to $ 6,000 per treatment. The data show that of all these treatments, CO2 laser is the most commendable because it shows higher healing results from acne scars. However, it is very expensive and the side effects are the most severe compared to other treatments.

Before proceeding with any treatment for acne scars, make sure you have already consulted your dermatologist about it. It is also imperative to go to the dermatologist immediately if you have noticed possible symptoms of acne on your skin to prevent it from developing at a more critical stage.


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