Acne Scars – Treatments to Remove the Scars Caused by Acne


The scars caused by acne are the result of a certain degree of acne that has occurred in an infection and inflammation and has never been properly cured.

Importantly, the severity of the scars largely depends on the ability of the skin to heal itself, obviously varying from one person to another and depends on the genes.

Some people by their skin type and genetics obviously have a natural ability to heal quickly and completely. On the other hand, other people have sensitive skin that irritates easily and creates more scars. These people should take more precautions to avoid the early formation of unwanted scars or reduce them.

Fortunately, today, scars caused by acne are treatable and there are several very effective techniques to completely eliminate these odious marks that annoy women and men.

It is also important to note that black or white spots leave no scars.

As we explained in the first paragraph, scars are caused by infection and inflammation of the shins or mud. treatment in time.

That's why to prevent these infections and so you do not have to extract mud or blackheads yourself. If no precautions are taken at the risk that these bacteria enter and infect comedones and thus develop scars.

Types of Acne Scars

Overall, it can be said that there are two types of scars: [19659002] called pigmented scars and commonly referred to as "holes" or "Sink" in the skin.

Pigmented scars are pink or coffee stains that persist once the grain or mud has disappeared. This is the result of the concentration of pigment on the grain when it is already healing.

Among the darker skin of a person with acne problems (although these skin types are less likely to suffer from acne) to develop this kind of scars.

The "Hole" or "Well" They are literally small holes in the skin. They are more common in fair skinned people.

These scars are the result of severely swollen grains of pus. The best way to avoid these scars is to go to a dermatologist or a cosmetology career because if you squeeze pus seeds is almost certain that the field will generate that kind of scar on your face.

Treatments to remove scars caused by acne

Treatment of scars caused by skin in the affected area

Lightening Creams: Some of these creams contain lightening creams. AHA (alpha-hydroxide acids or glycolic acid), retinol, hydroquinone or other similar ingredients

The effectiveness of these creams depends on the concentration of retinoic acid or cream . Most cosmetics have low concentrations.

In most cases, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to see the results of these products. If you do not look at the results after three months, it is that you need a stronger treatment.

But it is important to note that in the case of scars caused by pigmentation, the skin in the area of ​​infection and inflammation in the absence of specific treatment or "Unprofessional" extraction of grain doctors recommend that when there are many scars and that it is necessary to resort to chemical exfoliation (chemical peels).

These exfoliations can be made with several acid products. Depending on the intensity can be done by a dermatologist or beautician.

It is important to note that beauticians can do exfoliation using concentrations of up to 35% while dermatologists use up to 70%. The highest concentration of glycolic acid is the most powerful exfoliation

Important: When are these treatments needed to protect themselves from the sun?


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