Acne Solution? A Remedy is Easier Than You Think


Just convince yourself – you have acne. This means that you have probably searched for solutions, treatments or acne remedies that you can find, but that you still have the boring red bumps that I like to call "crackne". Personally, I had the habit of hiding behind my hair and running away from the cameras while suffering from acne, so I know everything. In this article, I will tell you about some acne solutions that you want to put into practice.

Ironically, my skin was pretty good for most of my life. I say ironically because most people suffer from acne in adolescence. I was a case of bad adult acne, and in fact I had no acne at all until my eighth birthday! Since I had never had acne and thought I was at home, I thought my first pimple was a mosquito bite. I did not know it would be the first of many mosquito bites.

When I realized that my acne was not going to go away on its own, I tried virtually every product. I've suffered from chemical burns, products that just did not work, and soaps and creams that even made my acne unpleasant! And it was a major brand product too (I will not name any names).

My next step was to look for acne, its causes and its solutions. It turns out that "treating" acne with topical products is the wrong way to go. Acne is actually an internal problem, and although external factors can indeed irritate it, what you put in your body has more effect than any other dirt on your skin.

One of the first things you can do right now to help your acne condition is to start reducing some foods known to invite the red beast on your skin. This applies not only to facial acne, but also to acne on other parts of your body. Although there are many suspicious foods that you might want to reduce, it is easier to look at the main categories of problem foods.

The three main categories of foods to reduce in your diet to help your acne are hydrogenated oils, such as common vegetable oils, refined sugars (powdered sugars and white table sugars) and caffeine. Please note that caffeine is not only found in coffee and soda, but also other less known carriers like chocolate.

What do you think is the other side of the coin? If you knew that putting things in your body can heal it in the same way that putting things in your body can make things worse, you're right.

Fortunately, an effective solution against acne will be inexpensive and a lot easier than you think. If you're like me, it's hard to put a price on your looks, but it's always interesting to know that getting rid of your acne will not break your account.


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