Acne Topical Treatment – What is Available For You Out There


Currently, it is quite obvious that acne is not just a skin surface phenomenon, but that it is deeper than that. But my friend, is not it good to just have fair skin? Topical treatment for acne is the only thing that will help take care of your breakouts while you try to fight it from the inside (recommended).

The big question for most people with acne is: what type of treatment should I use or better, which topical treatment for acne can I use?

Although some of the topical treatments available are effective in the treatment of acne, others are not as good. In this article we will focus on three different options that you can use. They are:

1. Topical antibiotics such as clindamycin are good for the treatment of acne, but it has been noted that resistance develops rapidly when used alone.

2. The bactericidal agent, benzoyl peroxide, is also effective for treating acne. Bactericidal simply means that they have a destructive effect on skin bacteria. However, because of resistance problems, they should be used appropriately.

3. Topical retinoids that actually help reduce the clogging in the pores of the skin are another topical treatment for acne available to you.

There are so many other things that people use, but whatever remedy you decide to use, be sure to strictly follow the prescriptions of your doctor because any misuse can render your treatment more difficult. Believe me, you do not want to become resistant to all available antibiotics.

Disclaimer: One thing I wish you to remember is that as soon as you become resistant to a drug that might also be helpful in treating another infection other than acne, it means that even when you contract this infection, it will be difficult to use the antibiotic to which you are already resistant. So be careful.


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