Acne Treatment – 2 Acne Diets That Work


Most of us would like to heat a diet consisting of chocolate bars, soft drinks and fast food to cure acne. Unfortunately, many of these foods are supposed to irritate your acne. Many diets have been designed to contain foods that have a positive effect on your health and acne. Let's take a look at two of these schemes in this article.

Low Glycemic Diet

A recent study has shown that a low GI diet can dramatically improve your acne. Research on this particular diet indicates that foods high in carbohydrates and processed increase the severity of your acne. These types of foods are thought to increase the production of sebum on the surface of the skin.

The low GI diet eliminates foods such as white bread, sugar-filled cereals, pastries, and fast food. Natural foods such as pasta and whole grain exports, fruits, vegetables and lean animal products are consumed instead. Beverages such as soft drinks and coffee are replaced by non-fat milk and fruit juices. This allows your body to take full advantage of the anti-acne vitamins and antioxidants present in these foods.

The vitamin-based diet and acne focuses on the consumption of vitamin-rich foods for the health of the skin. Vitamin A is responsible for limiting the amount of sebum on the skin and reinforcing the elasticity of the skin itself. Foods rich in vitamin A include fish, dairy products and green and yellow vegetables. Nutrients in the vitamin B complex are also an important staple in this type of diet.

These vitamins, found in whole grains, peanuts, fish and spinach, fight against acne on many fronts; they reduce stress, improve circulation while repairing skin lesions and preventing infections. This diet also includes foods rich in vitamin E and zinc, powerful antioxidants. These nutrients are absorbed by foods such as mushrooms, nuts, sunflower seeds and whole grains.

Dairy Free Diet

Another diet considered an effective treatment against acne is the elimination of dairy products in your daily nutritional regime. Some experts believe that the high concentration of hormones and androgens transmitted by the cow worsens your acne. The level of acid in the milk is also considered to have an impact on your overall health. The acidic milk extracts calcium from your bones in order to neutralize itself. To replace the missing calcium in your daily diet, you will have to consume more foods such as nuts, seeds and dark green veggies.

Many experts believe that a strict diet based on fruits, animal products and nuts is an effective treatment against acne and cellulite. The excessive skin moisture caused by protein and salt would be responsible for the severity of your acne. With this diet, there is absolutely no consumption of added sugar, spices or processed foods and a higher consumption of fruit juice is used to maintain your weight.

So here you are.

No diet has been scientifically proven to be 100% effective on acne for all. As a result, a diet that works well for one person may not have an effect on someone else. When choosing a diet, you must make sure to analyze very carefully the intake of nutrients from your diet. A diet can eliminate your acne successfully, but if you do not replace the missing nutrients, you could end up with other serious health problems.


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