Acne Treatment – Comparison Between Effectiveness of Retinoids


Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A. Vitamin A has a side effect. If taken in large quantities, it dries and peels the skin. Retinoids use this side effect of vitamin A. They help remove fat and peel away dead skin cells. Common retinoids are isotretinoin, tretinoin, retinol, retinyl palmitate, adapalene and tazarotene. Isotretinoin exception, all others are used topically. Retinoids are applied locally to treat acne, eliminate wrinkles and treat diseases such as psoriasis. They are not safe during pregnancy and you have to be very careful when using retinoids.

Tazarotene, tretinoin and adaplene are popular retinoids commonly used to treat acne. The three drugs are very popular.

Tretinoin-Retin-A, Renova and Avita



Other brands are also available, but the following are some of the other most popular brands . Many studies have been conducted to compare the effectiveness of retinoids. Let's look at the finds.

Tazarotene and Adapalene

Some studies have concluded that tazarotene is more effective than adapalene. in the treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

At first, the symptoms of drought were more severe in tazarotene, but after three months, tazarotene was very well tolerated. At first, Adaplene produced less irritating symptoms, but the treatment was also less effective than tazarotene.

Tazarotene and Tretinoin

It is found that tazarotene is more effective than tretinoin. Studies have shown that tazarotene reduces non-inflammatory acne far better than tretinoin. Although both have proven to have about the same effectiveness in treating inflammatory acne.

Adapalene and Tretinoin

Studies have shown that tretinoin is more effective in the short term. But during a treatment of 10 to 12 weeks, both drugs have the same effectiveness. Tretinoin causes more dryness and desquamation compared to Adaplene.

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