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Acne refers to an eruptive skin condition caused by a disorder of the sebaceous glands surrounding the hair follicles. The general function of the sebaceous gland is to hide sebum, an oily substance that forms a moisturizing protective layer on the skin. However, the hyperactivity of this gland causes an excess of sebum that combines with dead skin, dust or dirt and blocks the pores. We all know that acne is common during adolescence when hormonal changes occur. In fact, even adults well beyond adolescence can suffer from acne. The search for an effective treatment of acne has talked about several types of methods, although natural methods are more attractive.

You must understand that each person has unique skin characteristics and responds differently to treatments. The main benefit of natural ingredients or methods of treatment is that they are safe and gentle on the skin. In other words, you do not have to worry about harmful side effects such as irritation and dryness caused by chemicals. They aim to provide the minerals and vitamins that contribute to the health and luster of your skin, while controlling the flow of oil and minimizing pore blocks. As you know, blocked pores are the main cause of acne breakouts. Clear5 reviews describe the effect of Clear5, which is a great example of natural acne treatment, formulated to release effective doses of Vitamin B5. Unlike most diets that require high intakes of vitamin B5, this product provides a safe dose that aids in the production of coenzyme A, which allows for a better metabolism of oil in sebum. Thus, it is clear that such natural formulations treat the root cause rather than the external symptoms.

Natural Treatment Involves:

  • Healthy Skin Regime
  • Home Remedies
  • Herbal Treatments
  • Natural Treatment Products

Routine Drills play a vital role in maintaining a beautiful skin. While this is a natural way to help the body fight infections of any kind, you should look for other ways to combat the symptoms of acne and treat the hormonal imbalance that causes l & # 39; acne. If you happen to be allergic to any type of food, it is advisable to avoid them. A simple rule like washing your face often prevents acne in its early stages by removing dust and dirt that allow microorganisms to grow. Remember that you should never take or scratch pimples or zits as you will end up with disgusting acne scars. Although sunlight has been a way of relieving some people, UV rays are harmful and, therefore, this natural sun treatment may not work for everyone.

Home remedies for acne include several types of homemade masks such as white egg mask, baking soda mask, table salt mask and flour mask d & # 39; oats. You've probably heard about the anecdotal toothpaste remedy, which involves applying a drop of toothpaste to the big pimples, making them shrink during the night. Chamomile lotion is a good homemade antiseptic. Apple cider vinegar is said to dry acne quickly and prevent the spread of new breakouts.

Herbal acne remedies include supplements and herbal extracts. The green tea extract is rich in antioxidants and a regular intake will not only eliminate the skin, but also prevent other outbreaks of acne. The licorice root extract, the cucumber juice and the Aloe Vera juice are good topical remedies. Chinese herbs such as cape jasmine, scutellaria root, red sage, mulberry bark, mandarin seeds and many others are used in the manufacture of herbal treatment products.

The natural treatment of acne is gaining popularity because it tends to be hypoallergenic and teens can easily follow them without any hindrance in their regular activities.


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