Acne Vulgaris Treatment and Causes


It is thought that acne, also called acne vulgaris, is caused by many components. Overproduction of a typical oil on the skin, called sebum, increments affected by hormones. This, combined with inadequate excretion of dead skin cells that peel, clogs the hair follicles. The arrested follicle may be excited and have developed the development of ordinary skin microbes, Propionibacterium acnes. ] Acne affects most people at some point in their lives. Most people suffer from this problem of acne during puberty when their body undergoes various changes. Although acne usually affects a person during puberty, the problem can also extend to people over the age of 30. After 45 years, about 5% of people have an acne problem.

. The most well-known acne-prone areas include the face, neck, chest and back, where the most sebaceous organs are. Along the jaw, there is a typical place in adults. The "black spots" and the "white dots" are follicular connections, the one under the surface of the skin is the white head and the one that is oxidized of the air is the zit. The papules are pink to dark hues of pink color, the pustules are discharge filled lesions and the pimples or blisters are deeper discharge filled wounds. There are antibiotics, retinoids and other topical agents used to control acne. Benzoyl peroxide is also used to wash your face in order to control acne and reduce it slowly.

Due to acne, the affected part of the body can present scars. These scars, however, can be avoided by taking several steps, but if that fails, you may need to take some steps to remove acne scars. Treatment of acne scars includes various procedures to get rid of acne scar like Botox treatment, PRP treatment, laser treatment of acne scars, and so on.

These treatments can be expensive and also take time. Usually, these treatments are done in several sessions by removing the scar slowly and gradually without further damaging the skin. There is also an option for long-term therapy with oral antibiotics that will gradually help with scarring.


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