Adovia – Acne Prevention Soap


Now there is soap. He is here to replace all those creams, all the facial cleansers, all the gadgets and all the rest. Adovia as acne prevention soap, invented to treat grains through the use of carefully selected organic mineral deposits in the mud and water of the Dead Sea.

The glycerin mineral present in each soap acts at the same time as the drying out of acne, deeply nourishes the skin with the help of Dead Sea minerals and ultimately relaxes the skin with the delicate aloe vera.

With the use of this soap to keep the skin free of dirt, impurities and other bacteria, the risk of new acne breakouts is reduced. With other factors causing acne, the soap also removes excess natural oils that dampen our skin, making it less oily.

This soap also uses mineral deposits extracted vigorously from Dead Sea salt and mud to add moisture accurately to the skin. This soap is known to balance oils that prevent drying out of the skin, which leads to less publicized acne breakouts.

This soap was recommended in the morning to refresh the skin with natural minerals and to eliminate the potentially aggressive elements that the skin has accumulated during the night. Even when we sleep, our skin is always exposed to the elements that hurt and break it.

It is known that many skin problems, such as psoriasis and eczema, acne, are treated by the minerals of the Dead Sea. Indeed, the minerals contained in this body of water are a blessing for our skin health.

In addition to replacing the minerals our skin needs, massaging the body with the help of soap could also stimulate the underlying blood flow, thus allowing oxygen to be distributed to improve the appearance of the skin. In addition, the soap also cleans the face of dead skin cells to cause the surface of healthy and more beautiful skin underneath them.

Adovia is also present in long-used bath salts for its effectiveness in treating back pain, muscle relaxation and pain relief from overwork at work. With a sweet aroma, this product has been the preferred choice of employees and celebrities looking to look good and feel good.

Finally, using this soap, it is not necessary to worry about the possible effects of chemicals. This has proven safe and very effective.


Source by Paul S. O'Brien

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