Adult Acne and Its Underlying Causes


We have always thought that acne and pimples were teenagers. But adult acne affects about 20% of all adults during their lifetime and can be a painful experience for the unlucky. Not only is this disturbing, but adult acne can be a socially damaging stigma that greatly affects an individual's confidence and self-esteem.

Acne has always been associated with adolescence when hormones are reworked in our body and produce external and internal changes in the approach of adulthood. But for those who continue to have teenage growth pains, acne can be a difficult challenge to manage.

Acne is actually a surface response to changes that occur inside the body. But most patients, until they can seek the advice of a skin professional, tend to resort to standard treatments such as cleansers and beauty treatments that can only temporarily react. and act on the external symptoms of acne. These spots and pustules on the face, neck and back are almost always manifestations of a certain imbalance inside the body.

Acne can be caused by several factors such as hormonal imbalance, stress, diet, lifestyle, lack of sleep and rest or even underlying illness. I have not met anyone who has managed to treat acne and get rid of it forever with these skin-only treatments.

The treatment of acne must be holistic and must be performed both inside and out. The lifestyle of the victim must be evaluated. Does he sit well enough and sleep? Are there external factors, such as physical, mental or emotional torments, that can cause chemical imbalance in the body? Does the patient receive the appropriate nutrients in his diet? These are just a few points that need to be assessed, addressed and addressed if necessary. It is important to establish the cause of acne rather than treat the symptoms carefully. Otherwise, it will only be a vicious circle that can be frustrating for anyone with adult acne.


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