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If Microsoft Outlook can not open your Outlook PST files as usual, then probably the PST files were damaged or corrupted for different reasons, so you saved time by remembering all your important work and homework ! This is exactly where the role of Advanced Outlook Repair comes in. With this piece of priceless little tool installed in your workstations, you can easily go from the front, start the program, and select the corrupted PST files and data required to recover and easily repair and recover the same.

Designed to repair and restore corrupted files or emails and other deleted items, Advanced Outlook Repair is much more than just a powerful Microsoft Outlook recovery tool – a tool on which manufacturers are betting, a tool to work with each version of your MS Outlook! Advanced Outlook Repair is one of those gadgets that you simply can not live without if you plan to work with Microsoft Outlook. Whether it is your deleted messages or contacts, folders or publications, appointments, notes or task requests and logs, you simply go to the Outlook PST file from which the items were deleted, make the source PST file to repair and "Start repairing" He said.

Advanced Outlook Repair has been technically modeled to scan, extract, and restore all deleted items. The post-repair result can be viewed in the destination folders. And the same approach to pull through the data applications for corrupt PST files as well. The program is read-only and can be used safely. Regardless of the message formats – plain text, RTF and even HTML transcripts, AOR recovers everything, allowing you to save the retrieved content as per your convenience and scrutinize it with MS Outlook. By default, the recovered data is restored to a new file named xxxx_fixed.pst, where xxxx is the name of the source PST file.

If you have used Advanced Outlook Repair for a while or if you are a newbie trying to understand the tool, here are some helpful comments about the same thing:

1. In addition to recovering corrupted and deleted data, password-protected Outlook PST files are also recovered by Advanced Outlook Repair even if you forget the password.

2. Another interesting aspect is its unique ability to recover all kinds of objects embedded with text messages. Already frustrated by data loss and corruption in your prospects, you will never want to run a program that will just get you the parts of your documents and presentations without the diagrams and graphics! It's exactly where the AOR is a cut above the rest.

3. Last but not least, the AOR's ability to extract Outlook PST files from data travelers, in case it gets corrupted. I am sure you have had to experience it at one time or another; it is extremely frustrating to know that you have the data, but there is no way to access it!

Price just over $ 200, AOR is amazing software, fast, easy to install and easy to use; and if they increase sharply on the frail shoulders of Microsoft Outlook, it is wiser to be safe rather than sorry.


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