Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a car mechanic


There are various positive and negative realities of becoming a car mechanic. You must be familiar with all of them before becoming 100% committed to pursuing this profession. By participating in auto shopping classes and working as an apprentice mechanic at the beginning, you will get valuable information that will help you make a thoughtful choice. In this article, we aim to highlight some significant advantages and disadvantages of working as a car mechanic and put you on the right track to pursue this topic.


1. Do work on your own vehicles.

As a mechanic, you will be able to work on your own personal vehicles, which means you will save money by doing the job yourself. In addition, you can buy and repair older vehicles and sell them for profit.

2. A good starting point to start your own shop.

After gaining the indispensable expertise, you will have the opportunity to open your own shop. This will require not only technical skills, but also behavioral skills that you will need a lot when dealing with clients.

3. Job Stability

While an increasing number of people are postponing new vehicle purchases, their older cars need more repairs and maintenance. By entering this field, you can expect to always have a workplace provided you have the essential skills.

The disadvantages:

1. Costly resources.

The equipment required for the quarry is expensive. Initially, the majority of your salaries will go towards your assortment of tools. It is a considerable investment but that will eventually pay for itself.

2. The entrance fee is quite low.

When you enter the field of auto repair, you will notice that your income will not be very high. Depending on your situation and past experience, earnings may vary from one person to the next, but they vary between $ 8 and $ 15 at the hour. If you need a good paying job on the spot, it may not be your career path.

3. Long hours and continuous training.

Mechanics workshops are usually full of cars and remain open to meet customer expectations. Anticipate to work nights and weekends. In addition, with all the changing technology in cars, a mechanic will have to continually retrain. As a mechanic, you will also need to take ASE exams every 5 years to maintain your certification. This training costs money and typical courses cost between $ 500 and $ 2,500.


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