Advantages and disadvantages of buying stock-house plans


"Action plans" are building plans that you can order from one Magazine, catalog or website. Some manufacturers offer these pre-designed plans. Although not designed for you, homes built from these types of plans can be enjoyable and quite attractive.

However, given the time and cost of building a house (which is a process customized by nature) Never consider anything other than personalized plans designed solely for them or by them.

The advantages and disadvantages of buying stock house plans: Actions may be less costly. Prices for a set of plans can be a thousand dollars – or less. Plans are listed as a menu and prices for plans are clearly displayed. Once you have decided on a plan, it is an easy process to click and buy. You choose the shape of the drawing and the quantity.

  • Action plans can save time in choosing a home. Since the designs are made and there for review, if you can quickly select you can save time. Usually, the plans are displayed as floor plans and exterior views. Depending on the catalog, you can just get a front view, and sometimes even some views to help you understand the design. This is a mail order solution. Mail order items have been part of our culture for a long time – from mail order brides to Sears mail order boxes.
  • These pre-designed plans are usually collections from a variety of viewpoints. This can be challenging as you browse through the plans and views. You will find "new" ideas that you probably have not considered before.
  • Stock catalogs plans can give a boost to your imagination. They can get the juice of creativity flowing. Action plans can be a valuable starting point for exploring new ideas.


    • Permits. If they are subject to permits without additional actions, they will likely be rejected.
    • Professional seal of engineer or architect (resembling the former notary seal) is required on plans in many localities (you should check with your local construction department) . Getting a professional stamp is not as easy as it sounds. Many professionals will need to rework or, at minimum, several revisions and additions to bring the plans to local codes and worthy of their seal. The fees for this can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars and will take several weeks to do depending on the project and the time of the professional.
    • Some revisions are inevitable. Because the plans are not customized for you, it is rare that you will not see the things you want to change. This can be costly because most of the action plan companies are not set up for individualized attention.
    • Action plans are reused plans that have been built many times before. For some, this can be a negative factor.
    • The plans of the Internet or catalog are designed for mass appeal similar to cars and other consumer goods. This is beneficial for factory-created items because it keeps prices low. But since the construction of houses is still the custom, some consider a home designed for the mass market appeal to be a waste of opportunity. It would be custom to build a car and end up with a Ford Taurus. What is the point?
    • The action plans are designed to be built in many places. The areas of the country have basements, snow, hurricanes, cool temperatures, hot temperatures, and many other factors that are unique to each area. Some types of building systems are common in some areas – and generic plans can not cover all the possibilities.

    Plans pre-designed by a local builder, however, can later stage many of these problems. They will generally be ready to be licensed, will be recognized locally and, if the manufacturer has made arrangements for changes, this can be a very good value.

    In summary, action plans are valuable for study and education and are a fruitful source of ideas. However, they probably will not be as cheap as you think first, or as quickly and definitely will not be something designed exclusively for you.

    Having a professional working for and with you to develop a customized design Depending on your ideas, ideas and ideas you have gathered from many sources, as well as his experienced creativity will allow you to fully enjoy The truly personal nature of building a home.

    Home building is the only industry that remains truly personalized in nature – the designs should be as well.


    Source by Ken Risley

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