Advantages of a universal design of the house


A universal home concept is a growing concept in home planning and construction that anticipates changes that may occur in life such as disability issues, aging, and general accessibility for everyone . Many houses today are built with the idea that no matter who is the occupant, the living spaces inside and outside the house, should be quickly used by anyone. A growing number of home designers, builders and entrepreneurs are embracing this concept as the baby boomer population ages and as a new wave of disabled or elderly home occupants appears.

Here are some of the best benefits of a universal home design:

Values ​​of the house

If you decide to use a universal design to build your new home, you can you expect that your house on the outside of another house of the same area and amenities, but it is not built from a universal design. The reason is that a house designed universally is more attractive to all segments of the population because of its practicality and ease of use for all. Universally designed homes are easier to sell and sell more easily.

Good planning for the future

For those who plan to live in their home until their death, this type of home is excellent because it will accommodate the occupants during any change of life. If an occupant suddenly becomes disabled or actually needs to have some disability facilities in areas like the bathroom due to aging issues, this design allows changes in life that are related to occur.

Important Design Elements

Many design elements fit into a universal home, but many of the most important are built in the bathroom, kitchen, hallways and the level of construction of the house. The bathroom is one of the most important areas of the house because it is designed to be accessible by combining in the design of disability requirements. Wired doors for wheelchair access, non-slip floors, wet room style space and open showers are some of the common features of a disabled bath area that can be appreciated by all.

Other important aspects include the choice of a design that keeps the house on one level and that does not include stairs or other obstacles common to those who are less mobile. If you are interested in the useful aspects of a universal home design, there are more and more designers and entrepreneurs available who are experienced in creating homes accessible to all.


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