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Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail in advertising? Maybe it's the simple fact that they listen more and advertise less to their prospects.

People do not want to be sold to … they want to buy. Your main goal in any sales situation is to find the need and fill it with your product, idea (s), slogan, ability, whatever … If you do not need it, you do not have to. will have no sales.

Now, let's say that there is a need – how to fill this need? What should you say?

The first step is to observe more and talk less. We have 2 ears / eyes and 1 mouth for a reason and should use them accordingly – all the more so as the majority of sales leads come from non-verbal actions.

Treat your clients as they want to be treated and you will succeed more often than you fail. Get to know your customers and tell them how they want to be sold.

Many higher education courses classify people (prospects) into 4 different types:

Charlie Brown
Peppermint Patty

Charlie Brown

Main Title: Amiable
] In Perspective: Avoids Conflict
Long time to make the decision
Sacrifices the own needs of others
Sales / Advertising Tips: Be Friendly / Report Quickly
Do not rush into the presentation
Stress Emotional Advantages
Allow a Positive Choice
Make a Decision for Them


Main Feature: Analytic
In Perspectives: Unemotional
Need Precise Information
Long-Lasting Attention
Sales / Advertising Tips: Current Facts
Be Logic In Your Presentatio n
Use Quick and Accurate Answers
Use Direct Closure
Let Them Make a Decision

Patty Peppermint

Main Character: Expressive
In Perspectives: Flexible
Duration Short attention
Takes quick and emotional decisions
Selling / advertising tips: Showing emotional benefits
Show proof (testimonials, articles, third party endorsements)
Write details
Using directly the decision to close for them
Give a positive reinforcement


Main post: Pilot
In Perspectives: Very organized
Short period of attention
Affirmative and Unyielding
Goal-oriented // wants results
Business / advertising tips: Getting to the point
Stress Results
Putting Everything in writing
Summarize key points before closing
Use 2-3 option close
Let them make the decision

The better you know your prospects – the more sales you will make. Remember, there is a person behind this keyboard or this desk.

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