Air conditioning thermostats


A thermostat is an apparatus for maintaining the temperature of a system within a particular range by directly or indirectly controlling the flow of thermal energy in Or out of the system. All air conditioners have thermostats that can be operated manually or automatically preprogrammed to operate at room temperature control. There are many ways to use an air conditioning thermostat effectively.

One of the most successful but economical ways to reduce your air conditioning costs is to adjust the thermostat setting on the air conditioner. The savings are more remarkable when you set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. For each degree you increase the thermostat setting, you reduce seasonal cooling costs by 7% to 10%. To do this, you can use ceiling fans in addition to air conditioning and save a lot of money.

Most centralized air-conditioning thermostats are equipped with two fan settings, And auto & . When the thermostat setting is set to "on", the fan is running constantly and when it is set to "auto", the fan only operates during cooling cycles when the Compressor of the air conditioner is used. When the air conditioner is used all day, the cooling compressor only works about 50 percent of the time, or about 12 hours. The extra time of fan operation that occurs when the thermostat is set to " Can add about $ 25 to monthly air conditioning bills. Using the "automatic" setting, as an alternative, saves energy and money, as the fan runs less hours. In addition to saving energy and costs, the "automatic" setting also promotes better comfort by offering better moisture control as moisture eliminated during the cooling cycle Is redistributed in the house while the compressor is turned off.

Thus, thermostats play an important role in the cost and function of an AC.


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