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Aloe Vera is not just a plant. It is the mother of a plethora of solutions and remedies of the human body.

Have you ever wanted a beautiful, glowing skin? Have you ever wanted to get rid of these stubborn signs of aging? What about all those who have suffered atrociously because of acne?

Surely, many of us who have suffered from skin problems have tried treatments; some have been able to get down the conventional ways of creams, lotions, gels and ointments. While others may even have suffered to the point of using pills and other unconventional methods.

Wherever you are, know that Aloe can change everything.

Whatever you are looking for something as simple as a moisturizer to cure acne, Aloe can do it.

Not only is Aloe Vera dynamic in its remedies but also in the way it is applied! Aloe Vera for external uses comes in the form of: creams, lotions, gels and so much more, so you can use what works for your skin! Although it is available in many forms, it is recommended to use Aloe Vera in a form as pure as possible.

What does it mean?

Well, if you use an Aloe Vera product, make sure the product contains a substantial amount of Aloe Vera! If not, ask yourself this: is it really an aloe product?

Ask yourself this question: How can I get the most out of Aloe Vera for me? Well, the answer is not as difficult as you think. What's more natural than your own methods to get as much from the Aloe Vera plant as anything else? Nothing!

If you can create your own gel or cream, then you do not leave your skin in the hands of someone else! Why would you trust big companies that do not really know ALL?

Take for example this simple and super effective method for making Aloe Vera gel that lasts for months!

Step 1.) Wash your hands thoroughly (to make sure the gel is not contaminated)

Step 2.) Cut an outer leaf from an aloe plant
Step 3.) Peel it and pick up the aloes go out and put in a blender
Step 4.) For each 1/4 cup of aloe leaf add the following for preservation :
– 500 mg of Vitamin C powder (you can crush the powdered tablets)
– 400 IU Vitamin E

Did you see how simple it was! This gel can be kept for months in the fridge and you will not even begin to imagine how many different uses it has!

The use for:

– Burns
– Dry Skin
– Irritation of the Skin
– Bites
– Infections
– Sunburn
– Scars Acne
– Boils
– and much more!

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