Aluminum windows as replacement windows


Why is aluminum better than the UPVC window?
The aluminum window has many advantages over traditional UPVC (plastic) windows with double glazing. The main reasons are durability, modern appearance, sleek design and slender frames. These are the reasons why the aluminum window is slowly becoming the popular choice for modern homes and gives the buyer a real chance to add value. to their property.

Why spend money?
In these difficult times, the obvious question is: why should I spend more money to find an alternative? An important fact to take into account is that in these difficult economic times, an important approach to take is to make home improvements in the spirit of "added value". at your home with the idea of ​​making more profit when selling your home in the coming years. Why have a modern looking house and understand old fashioned windows and cheap? They are a key part of any home and are an important part of any home building or renovation project.

Product Information
The aluminum window, often referred to as a replacement window, double glazed window or sash window, provides a real way to add value to your property. That's a replacement window for an existing double glazing, or a brand new extension or new construction. By using thin and thin frames, the aluminum window can offer a real alternative to the UPVC window at the slightest pace.

Aluminum Windows – Thermal Efficiency
A real fall from the aluminum frame window over the years has been its energy efficiency. This is a real reason why the UPVC double glazed window has experienced a constant boom. However, the technological advances made in recent years in terms of design and materials have allowed the aluminum window to reach the highest energy rating possible. It can reach a & # 39; A & # 39; The WER rating, which is the official government agency efficiency rates in the window and door industry. As of 2011, every double glazed window must reach at least one C & # 39; WER evaluation. In order to achieve high thermal efficiency, the aluminum window now uses a thermal break that helps keep the cold and the heat.


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