Amsterdam Christmas Market


Are you looking to do something interesting at Christmas instead of staying at home and killing time? A good idea may be to visit Amsterdam and enjoy its art, culture, shops, cuisines, nightlife and more. The fascinating city of Amsterdam becomes more exciting and vibrant during the Christmas holidays.

The Dutch festival season begins weeks ago on November 14th. During this time, you will discover every part of the city with Christmas lights. The 17th century bridges and houses along the canals are of striking beauty when they are lit by shimmering lights. The party atmosphere will be everywhere and there will be many shows and performances that will add to the festive spirit. The entire city will be filled with booths offering both traditional and trendy items and delicious cuisines. The cosmopolitan city becomes the wonderland for shoppers. The Amsterdam Christmas Market starts on November 24th and will end on December 30th.

If you are in the fascinating city for your Christmas, here are some of the things to do: Visit Museumplein during Christmas, it will be transformed into Christmas Square, it's the perfect place to spend a afternoon there. to be also an ice rink. Do not forget to browse the stalls for seasonal food and drinks. Take a stroll in the glittering city at night, the best direction through the Leidseplein and its surroundings or to the Jordaan, which is full of welcoming and welcoming caf├ęs. incomparable shops ideal for window shopping. The red light area looks more colorful with lots of lights, not just red to fill the place with the magic of Christmas. During the Christmas period, many restaurants and cafes offer special Christmas menus and some offer special four-course Christmas meals. Try them surely, it will be a pleasant experience for your taste buds.


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