An Honest, Critical Review of the Dani Johnson Scam


Who is Dani Johnson?

Dani Johnson began her career in the network marketing industry as a homeless cocktail waitress with $ 2.03. Just hours after starting her new business, she had made several thousand dollars in profits. She earned more than $ 250,000 in her first year and over $ 1,000,000 in her second year, becoming the first international producer of her company.

Since then she has founded Call To Freedom International and travels the world over to teach anyone who is listening (or those who can afford to listen, as we will see) her principles of success.

Can she help me succeed?

It depends. You have probably visited Dani's site and seen the impressive number of testimonials from people from all walks of life. Its website contains over 10,000 unique testimonials from people around the world. It's pretty impressive, it's the least we can say.

My personal experience with Dani Johnson is not very inspiring.

I first met Dani's teaching while I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska. At the time, for the first time in my life, I was earning a significant income from my business, about $ 4,000 a month working only about 2 hours a day. My organization grew by 30 to 40% a month and I really appreciated the process.

I came across Dani's teachings and I really thought it would lead me to the next level of success and help my team to be successful. looking. I've bought every training on his website (it's pretty pretty, but it was worth it, that's what I thought) …

I've gathered my whole team and we had a huge house full of people to listen to. & # 39; Prospect and close your way to millions & # 39 ;. They were all excited. (Dani can be damn convincing). I personally invested 3 to 4 hours a day listening to Dani's training, thinking I had finally found the "golden key".

What was the result?

My income immediately dropped by $ 1,000, the same month, and recruitment almost completely stopped. The funny thing is that nothing in society has changed and we are more excited than ever. So what did we do?

Instead of leaving Dani Johnson as a bad habit (as it should be), we heard Dani say that we were attending a seminar. So many of us went by plane from Alaska to Los Angeles. attended his well-known "first steps to success." I personally spent more than $ 1,500 between airfare, accommodation and outrageous ticket prices, and between my group, I think the price we paid was about $ 15,000.

That month, my income again lost $ 1,000. Convinced that I had to invest in my skills, I went to Dani's for "Creating a Dynasty" and I bought him the "Prospecting and Closing" course, spending well over $ 2,500 two months later.

What happened? My income went from $ 2,000 to less than $ 1,000, then to about $ 400 before I did what I should have done, which drops Dani's teachings as a bad habit and does that. who has proven himself!

Dani also Johnson a scam or what?

Although many people claim to benefit from his teachings, I was certainly not one. I have invested thousands of hours listening, called over 5,000 tracks and spent over $ 5,000 in hard-earned money, scouring the United States and buying formations that completely destroyed my company. When I called and asked for a refund (politely), they refused. I feel like I'm being scammed.

However, the good news is that when I discovered the "Attraction Marketing" concept, my business exploded faster than ever and I am now recruiting more people than I can handle, or could ever Imagine …


If you plan to invest considerable sums in Dani Johnson's documents, do not forget that when you sponsor a distributor, you have the responsibility to help them to to succeed as quickly as possible. , and that most of them do not expect (and do not want) to fly all over the country by paying their children's savings to go to college, so learn something that only works for the superheroes of the sale. Any good legitimate MLM organization should provide free training to its employees, provided that if you benefit from it, they benefit.

This is how this business is supposed to be, to help people, to build their dreams of one another through service, leadership, mutual prosperity and integrity.

If you want to spend $ 25,000 a year on training, check with Dani Johnson. If you want to live a prosperous life, discover attraction marketing. You decide.


and God bless


Source by David Michael Wood

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