Anti-Aging Beauty Tips: Your Kitchen Pantry – And Honey


Beauty is the deep skin. It's where it starts. If you take care of yourself by eating healthy, your skin will show it. When you have bad eating habits, it can also appear on your skin. There are many good natural skin care products, but that often means spending a lot of money. There are other cost-effective ways to do the same with the ingredients found in your pantry and your kitchen.

Before I tell you how you can use ingredients found in your kitchen, let's look at other factors that can cause wrinkles and make you look older. Plus, some beauty tips on correcting them.

10 things that make you look older and fixes

1. The older you are, the less elastic your skin becomes. So sleeping on your face is not an ideal sleeping position. A night's sleep on your face is not going to cause wrinkles, but to sleep in this way for a number of years. The best position is to sleep on your back because sleeping on the side will also cause wrinkles.

2. Drink water every day to moisturize your body. Your body is largely composed of water, so it makes sense to replenish with water. How much is needed? It makes more sense if you divide your body weight by two, then drink half the amount of your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 170 pounds, you must drink 85 ounces of water a day.

3. Always remove your makeup at night. The last thing you want is clogged pores and it's just awful.

4. If you smoke, stop! It's horrible for your skin, your teeth, your fingers, your breath … should we say more?

5. Use sunscreen on your face with at least one SPF 15. There are a lot of face moisturizers that have an SPF, so it does not feel heavy or feel like you have sunscreen.

6. Wear sunglasses and / or a hat to avoid squinting and protect your eyes from UV rays.

7. Exfoliate your skin often to remove dead skin and stimulate skin cell growth.

8. Sleep enough to avoid dark circles or bags under the eyes. When you are tired, your skin also looks tired and lifeless.

9. De-stress by exercising, meditating or whatever you do to relax. Exercise circulates your blood and gives you a healthy glow. Find time to relax.

10. Do not overdo your facial expressions by frowning on your forehead, lifting your eyebrows, or squinting. Also, do not rest your chin in the palm of your hands or put your hand against your face to hold your head.

Cooking Beauty, Skin and Honey … Oh my god!

Not everyone can afford to go to the spa regularly … at least I can not! LOL! No problem! There are frugal ways you can have your own little spa days at home. Here are some simple ways to use honey and some items from your kitchen pantry to create homemade and fabulous anti-aging masks …

Honey has many benefits when it is used on the skin. It's an antioxidant and anti-microbial; it can treat minor irritations and sunburns.

To create a facial mask using honey, you can use it alone, one or a combination of these ingredients. Puree or mix the ingredients into a smooth or cohesive paste and apply it on clean skin. You can also add 1-2 drops of finely chopped essential oils or herbs such as mint, cinnamon, sage, nutmeg, parsley and so on. Leave the mask between 5 and 60 minutes and rinse with cold water. Tip: You can also use some extra virgin olive oil to moisturize.

Honey Homemade Masks …

Use 1 tablespoon of organic honey with any of the following ingredients:

For Dry Skin
– Natural Yogurt
– Avocado
– Banana

For oily skin
– Oats
– Apple and sage – Good for acne too
– Yellow egg. Use egg white alone to tone and firm your skin. It's good for normal to oily skin.
– Carrot

For all skin types
– Pear
– Pineapple
– Peach
– Strawberry
– Melon
– Cucumber butter and d almond
– Orange
– Nectarine
– Watermelon

You can also use milk, brown sugar and honey as a gentle exfoliator.

There are many other mask combinations you can create at home. Do not forget to test first because you do not want to end up with an allergic reaction that can happen.


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