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It can be difficult to buy anti-aging products for skin care when you're bombarded by hundreds of different brands that claim to be the ones that will go back in time and make your skin look like the skin. A child of five. or in 5 to 7 days! Between the awesome claims, the names of creators and pretty packages, choosing may seem almost impossible! So, how do you know what to believe and ultimately trust your skin? Read on to discover the different skin care products and you'll be able to make the right choice sooner than you think

Three Truths About Skin Care Products

Good to be true then it is. There are products that claim to stop and even completely reverse the signs of aging as quickly as the first application. Come on !! Apart from the fact that most companies making this claim have no real proof to save it except a few for some digitally altered photos; the claims are simply not possible. Do they have a miracle in a pot? No, what they have are good marketing skills.

Dear does not mean better. We live in a society that thinks that what is expensive automatically guarantees better quality and that is simply not the case. While this may be for some things, this is not the case with skin care. The stuff of skin care creams is far more than a high price. I'm not saying that the cheapest product you find is the best, but I say that the $ 300 wrinkle cream with the designer's label does not mean that it's been scientifically formulated by a team of people who understand the skin and body. In the same way, the product that has been studied and created using the best active ingredients will also not have the highest price as it focuses more on results than on advertising and packaging !

Instant Results Are only temporary. As already mentioned; Some anti-aging skin care products promise instant results. Most of these promises say that they will smooth the appearance of wrinkles in a matter of minutes. Sounds great, is not it? And some can even make your wrinkles much less visible in minutes. The catch is that they use chemicals that act almost on an allergic reaction to make the skin swell, so wrinkles seem to diminish when inflammation causes stretching of the skin! The only temporary effects are known to cause burns and redness in some people. They work by voluntarily giving you an allergic reaction. Choosing good skin care products means opting for those that are made with active ingredients by people who know how the aging process works and have invested time and research to find out how to stop wrinkles from forming rather than choose products that only temporarily mask the signs of aging.


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