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What are the secrets to fight against aging? We can get the effect of anti-aging in the light of modern science. Often with proper diet (weight loss, exercise, fitness, healthy body …) and the use of skin care treatments, we can go back naturally with certain products fantastic products available in the fields of health and cosmetics. markets. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the most important effects come from what we eat and what we apply in our skin care regimen.

This article explains how we can look young and radiant with proper skin care. Natural skin care products, containing plant extracts, are softer for our skin. while some chemical ingredients can cause skin irritation. In nature, there are plants with abundant antioxidants that can help repair cell damage (cell damage can cause premature aging). These antioxidants can protect our skin. make the skin less vulnerable to future damage. So, how can we use antioxidants to our advantage?

The secret does not lie in one product. The secret lies in the way we strategically maintain a healthy diet, exercise and select powerful antioxidants in our skin care regimen. This unique method revitalizes our body, keeps us healthy and slows down the effects of aging caused by daily stress, fatigue, environmental pollutants, free radicals, etc.

Want to know the secret of anti-aging skin care? Combine and incorporate the following into our daily skin care program.

  • Protecting From UV Rays
  • Cleansing And Exfoliating Skin
  • Strengthening Collagen
  • Moisturizing Skin
  • Protecting With Antioxidants

Protecting From Light UV (19459007) It is important to combat premature aging of the skin caused by the harmful rays of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Sunscreen with SPF 18+ is a good choice to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Cleanse and Exfoliate the Skin – Cleansing is the first step of a skin care regimen. Use a good cleanser to clean and exfoliate. The cleansing ritual helps to remove damaged and old skin. There are many types of cleaners available on the market; examples are bars, creams, foams and gels for dry, oily, mixed and sensitive skin. Use exfoliating products and toners to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation is one of the commonly used methods to lessen the signs of skin lesions. Avoid using corrosive chemicals that can damage the skin. Apply natural ingredients that are less abrasive to the skin and can gently remove layers of dead and damaged skin.

Enhancing collagen – Collagen fold lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a group of natural proteins commonly found in connective tissues of mammals. Collagen and sweet keratin are the strength and elasticity of our skin. As you age, collagen decreases each year, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, perceived as signs of aging. The breakdown of collagen can also cause skin wrinkles. Collagen has been widely used in cosmetic surgeries and burns. In the cosmetic industry, hydrolyzed collagen, acting as a texture and moisturizer, can be found in topical creams.

Moisturize the skin – After cleansing, it is important to apply a moisturizer. Use a fast, non-greasy penetrating cream to get softer, smoother skin. Use lotions and gels for oily skin, creams for dry skin.

Protecting with Antioxidants – Resveratrol is a kind of potent natural polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes, berries, tea and giant buttercup, and so on. powerful anti-aging effect when combined with other anti-aging products; It can rejuvenate and enhance the luster of our skin. When resveratrol is used with an anti-aging oil, wrinkles have an extraordinary effect. Dietary supplements of resveratrol are available in powder, shake and capsule form. There are also patented formulas from ProResveratrol and ParElastyl that offer firming, anti-loosening and anti-wrinkle benefits. These anti-aging treatments with resveratrol can help fight the signs of aging in our daily lives.

There are good anti-aging products that can be combined with resveratrol, for example an anti-aging day cream with SPF18, an anti-aging serum (consisting of CoQ10, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D) and anti-aging eye cream, etc … and more. The eye cream is formulated to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes and fine lines. To get the best results from anti-aging treatments, we can choose from many good products available in the cosmetic industry for our skin care.

Although it is a matter of opinion, the ingredients of the products we choose should be all natural, to our best advantage. Synthetic ingredients may not work the same way natural ingredients work on our skin. We want to keep synthetic products. For example, parabens belong to a class of chemicals commonly used as preservatives in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The long-term application of products containing such an ingredient can never affect our overall health.


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