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There is good food and there are bad pizzas. As a pizzeria, the last thing you want is to hear that you are not serving good pizzas. That being said, there are different opinions about what makes a good pizza. Is this the base? Should he be thin? Should it be thick? Should it be soft or crisp? Is it the filling that makes it good? That's all opinion. However, you can get a consensus of opinions that lean towards the positive. First of all, for a good pizza a standard oven will not suffice, you will have to consider a commercial pizza oven.

These are some of the Anvil commercial pizza ovens that will give you tasty and consistent pizzas every time.

  • Anvil Deck Oven – 3 trays per game. There are two versions of this unit. This option is great and can hold up to 18 standard size pizzas. It weighs 325 kilograms with an output power of 29.25 kilowatts. It has a glass viewing window, an interior light and a 120 minute mechanical timer. While the second option, is slightly less than 220 kilograms and can hold up to 12 standard pizzas. The power of the smallest unit is 19.5 kilowatts
  • Anvil Pizza Oven – Single Deck. This unit is conveniently small at 80 kilograms and an output power of 7.2 kilowatts. It is manufactured with 2 ceramic plates, a dial gauge and a viewing window with interior lighting.
  • Anvil gas oven. This unit is ideal if you want to save electricity. It has a unique burner design that allows for even temperature distribution.
  • Anvil pizza oven – Small double shelf. This miniature option includes 2 ceramic plates and 3 heating elements for precise heat distribution. You can use this catering equipment for fresh or frozen pizzas.
  • Anvil apron oven – 2 trays. This catering equipment has 2 trays, is 90 kilograms and holds 4 standard size pizzas. It has a 120 minute mechanical timer and a glass viewing window with interior lighting. The Anvil Deck Oven – 4 Tray is the largest brother of the aforementioned unit at 170 kilograms and he holds double the content.
  • Anvil apron oven – 3 trays. This is an option of average size to 120 kilograms. It contains 6 standard pizzas and has the same specifications as the 2-tray and 4-tray versions.
  • Anvil deck oven – 6 trays. This is the big version of the Anvil Deck Oven range at 250 kilograms and it contains 12 standard pizzas in 6 trays.

Investing in an Anvil pizza oven will ensure consistent pizzas on many occasions and allow your customers to come back for the taste they remember and dream of.


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