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Now that you've spent a fortune on this "perfect finish" mineral or liquid makeup that's all the rage, what's next? You browse fashion magazines to study the effects of makeup models and stars and spend hours in front of the mirror every morning to apply "your face". Why does not it seem right? What will it take?

The sun shines

Is your makeup area well lit? Is it TOO well lit? Try to adjust the lighting and you may discover that you are finally able to cover the flaws and highlight your strengths without much difficulty. Think about investing in one of these freestanding makeup mirrors that has adjustable lighting for day, evening and office. You can sometimes take them to garage sales and goodwill for a dollar or two!

Say cheese!

Now close your eyes and the photo … you! Is the look you are looking realistic? Is that okay? Does this fit your lifestyle? These are important questions to ask yourself because for any "look" to be OK, it must look like you – your personality, your lifestyle.

If only I could look like …

Ok, now, you still think of all those great girls in magazines, huh? Well, choose one of them that has similar characteristics to yours. For me, it would probably be Barbra Streisand (that nose-sigh!) But, man, what a beautiful woman! Dull shadows, earth tones, clear / veiled lips. This is the look that works for me, as he has always done for it.

I said it

Speaking of earth tones and pure … do you choose the right colors to complete your complexion, personality and lifestyle? For example, I have fair skin, I am a single mother who works and I have a sense of disconcerting humor. I do not need blue and purple eye shadows to draw attention to me, my mouth usually does it for me! And, with my clear complexion, earth tones mingle and accentuate, not overpowering.

And speaking of unique maternity, which has the TIME to make the dramatic effects, stop-in-your-tracks that so many models

A side note

Here is a good example use of eye makeup to accentuate, not compete with your eyes. My 19 year old daughter jumped her head while I was writing this article to tell me that she was leaving to see her boyfriend. I looked up to tell him to have fun and be careful and notice his eye shadow. The child had put sparkling white on his eyelid. Pretty color, but not for her. She, like her mother, has clear skin and she has BLACK blue eyes.

So, I just said "mother Jess" and I took a medium brown glossy eye shadow, and using a paintbrush slightly on the base of its lid. "Ok, go get"

"Wow, that makes me really laugh, mother, thank you!" I hear from the bathroom. And that made his eyes pop. Muted earth tones to compensate for bright blue eyes. And it took 45 seconds to do it

Practice makes perfect

Learn by doing, and asking a friend to make up your makeup. Take turns with a friend for an afternoon by applying makeup to each other. See through the eyes of someone else how they imagine you. If you have older girls, do it with them. You may not like, or do not feel comfortable with, all the makeup stuff they've tried, but I bet you'll take one or two that you like and which you would never have thought of.

A solid foundation

The basic color is the first essential step of a beautiful face. Keep in mind the season – what looks great with the tanned tan from mid-July will look like a Halloween mask by the end of October, so take a look at to your color selections often.

Melting Essentials

liquid foundation, apply fingertips or sponge, starting at the forehead and descending to the "T" shaped chin, then slowly spread out towards the edges of your face. Do not use too much pressure during mixing and do not forget your neck! A makeup line around your jaw line is just not the "cosmo look" that I know you are going! Personally, I am in love with mineral makeup. I like how it applies, how it mixes, how it stays and also how it allows my skin to breathe. I must say that Bare Escentuals is the best I've found (and no, I'm not selling their product, but I swear by them!)

Eyes Have It

Choose colors that complement and emphasize your eyes, do not compete with them. If you have big, beautiful brown eyes, then greens and gold are a perfect choice. Blue eyes are great with earth tones and green eyes with purple and purple. These should not be GLOSSY shades, you can find toned down shades of most any color to complement your eyes. Those of us with varying eye color, or hazel eyes, can wear almost any color and have triggered our eyes, but I would like to avoid the blues!

I found that powdered eye shadows, When it is applied with a good quality eye shadow brush, it tends to be the most natural and stay the longest in square. If you have problems keeping your shade in place, try brushing a layer of finishing powder or mineral makeup lightly on the lid before applying the shade.

For eye liner – I like powders, but even if you like the liquid Remember one thing – stain your liner sufficiently so that it does not look like what someone else is. One took a punch in your eyes! Line from the beginning of your lower lashes to the corner of the eye at the outer corner. On the upper eyelid, draw the line as close as possible to the base of your lashes – and stain it enough so that it is an effect and not a "line". NEVER completely encircle your eye (by lining the inner corner) unless you have absolutely huge eyes because the lining all around makes your eyes look much smaller. And this is not usually the end result we are looking for!

Just brazen!

Here is where most of us have problems. What I do is to use a bronzer * lightly * through the cheekbones, then make a light dust of a very pure color all over my face and my neck to give my face a healthy look and luminous. The key here is "less is more". You want to look pink and healthy, do not look like a painted ventriloquist mannequin! Use a soft, broad-bristled, natural-bristled brush and finish with a light, almost-transparent finish powder all over your face and neck. (This prolongs the life of your makeup and evenes the tone of your face)

Kissy, kissy

Last but not least – the lips. Choose a tone-on-tone lining, which is at least the same shade as your lipstick, otherwise a lighter shade. Now, I am infamous for licking and biting my lips all day and lipstick usually has no prayer to stay longer than 10 minutes. So, what I do is use a lip pencil that is in a slightly darker hue of a shade that I like (I love the mauve ones) and borders my lips . (Tip: do not align the corners of your lips – only line at the corner of your lips)

After lining, I actually use lip pencil to fill color on my lips, then put a layer of lip plumping luster in a lighter shade to compensate for the darker lip liner. It works well for me because I have thin lips and it stays much better than any lipstick I've tried (and I've tried most things) that will last all day "!)

Wala – you are well on your way to a magnificent you!


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