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When choosing architectural drafting services, it is imperative to know the different types of drawings that can be presented and the meanings of each. Architectural drawings are produced to show the designs of buildings, as well as the concepts, and visualizations that you will see when opting for architectural drawing services will help you see exactly what your building design will appear when the Project will be completed. Here are some types of drawings that you will likely see when you opt for architectural copywriting services that will give you an ideal visualization of what the home or project of your dreams will look like.

Drawings plan

The most common architectural drawings are the drawings of the plan. They are the project map and show an aerial view of your building design through the walls. You will not only see the walls and parts of your building design, but the plan drawings can also show elements like windows, furniture, fixtures, fixtures and stairs. These elements can certainly offer great benefits when receiving your architectural drafting service because you will be able to choose a decor and fixtures that fit the specific locations of the plans.

Section drawings

Like plan drawings, the section drawings show the inside of the house, but instead of an aerial view, you see it from the side. It shows a view as if you have vertically cut the house. These types of designs in architectural drawing services are used to show the heights of each floor and all the unique features of the building design, such as intricate structures or characteristic ceilings.

External Drawings

Known as elevation drawings, these visualizations are designed to show the exterior of the building and what you can expect from it. These drawings show materials, textures and heights while showing the space between the windows and the specific details made in the building design. There are also drawings in perspective that you can receive as part of your architectural drafting services that show a very realistic aspect of your building design, instead of considering it as lines and sketches.

Detail drawings

When more details are needed to communicate the concept and the overall visualization of the building design, detailed drawings are created to show detailed details on the design. Construction techniques and the use of materials are often illuminated in these drawings as part of the Architectural Drafting Service.

All drawings in architectural drawing services are used to show the details of the floor plans, as well as all elements of the building design. They give you the option to view not only your home design but also make modifications before being built. This is a sure way to ensure that your home design will far exceed your expectations.


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