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As a developer of home design software, Chief Architect has always had the reputation of publishing programs that are not only very effective but also easy to use. Over the years, they have released a number of home design software, each with its own unique touch. Some target more advanced users such as professional builders or serious designers.

On the other hand, they also have programs that are a little lighter because they hope to bring out the pleasure of the design. Among these, there is the Home Designer Suite, a comprehensive home design software that aims to make the design process as simple and fun as possible. At only $ 99, it also comes with a reasonable price to pay considering its full feature set.

Powerful but Easy

The trademark of Chief Architect programs is to bring powerful design tools. the hands of their users, these programs are also very easy to use and quick to learn. Home Designer Suite is no different. This is a great tool for those who wish to create the perfect landscaping, remodeling, or home design plans. There are a variety of wizards that will make things a lot easier for the users; among them is the Wizard House which contains many built-in templates for users to choose from. There are even more than a thousand sampling plans available that should help users visualize their new home designs.

For those who might be having problems with Home Designer Suite, there are a variety of support mechanisms available. Lots of training videos and "how to" tutorials should provide more than enough help and support for any type of problem.

Ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Home Designer Suite is also an excellent program to design or renovate your kitchen and bathroom. One can end up designing the kitchen of one's dreams by adding new appliances and moving walls easily. The same goes for bathroom designs, Home Designer Suite allows its users to visualize their ideas in 3D. One of the best features of Home Designer Suite is the addition of the Cabinet Designer tool. Here, users can build custom cabinets in minutes. Almost every part of the cabinets is customizable, including door styles, counters and colors. With this new feature onboard, users can be sure to find the most unique cabinets that will fit their overall theme without a hitch.

Virtual Tours Abound

Users should not worry about ending with designs they are not 100% satisfied with. Thanks to the different preview modes provided by Home Designer Suite, users will surely have the designs that they really want. 3D design is an option through the program's virtual camera that allows point-and-click functionality.

Once the projects are complete, users will have the opportunity to see their new designs through a variety of different views. Among them, the view of the glass house and the doll's house which respectively offer an aerial and translucent roofless roof of the house. If that's not enough, users can also opt for the 3D virtual tour that will give them the impression of walking into their new dream home.


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