Are you a Street-Smart owner … Answer this quiz


Answer this quiz and see where you are. Give yourself one point for each answer yes.

1. I receive an insurance quote from at least 3 different companies each year. I do this to make sure I get the best value for money and service from my company and my agent.

2. I compare my mortgage interest rate at home every 2 to 3 years to make sure I get the best deal, rate and value.

3. I have an escape route in every room of my house in case of fire. And every person who lives in my home knows the escape plan.

4. Because most emergency visits are caused by home accidents. I am always on the lookout for potential security risks and correct them immediately.

5. I keep abreast of the latest laws on taxation and housing – to get the maximum benefit from owning a home.

6. To save money, I have a tool kit to repair minor repairs. And I keep a home improvement manual to help me make minor repairs in the house.

7. I know my limits and I know how to seek the help of a professional contractor, a carpenter or an electrician when I need it.

8. I effectively use the space of my home using space-saving accessories such as shelves, storage, storage racks and proper placement of furniture.

9. I know where are all the water, gas and emergency stop valves and switches around my home. And I know how to use them.

10. I am a responsible neighbor and I strive to keep my property in good cosmetic repairs and maintain good landscaping and lawn care.

11. I pay attention to my neighbors and their property because it encourages them to pay attention to mine.

12. I respect my neighbor's privacy and his right not to hear my music, conversations or other noises before 8 am or after 10 pm … at least.

10 – 12 Points – Congratulations, you are a smart street owner.

7-9 Points – If you fall into this category, you're close to your target. Review the questions you missed, correct them. Then you can call yourself a smart street owner.

4-6 Marks – You should take the time to focus on the areas you missed. Look for advice from more savvy owners and continue to study sites like this.

4 and under – If you scored in this category, you could be a danger to your finances, your home and others. You should commit to improving your home management skills before it's too late.

Whatever the score you got on this quiz, I congratulate you. You have accomplished something that most homeowners have never done. Consciousness!

The key to becoming a happy and successful owner is the simple but important act of conscience.

Take the time to stay informed about new ideas, technologies and tools. Despite the increased cost of home improvements, repairs and maintenance; the owners are still the ultimate American dream that most people aspire to achieve.


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