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Interior design is the art of applying knowledge of interior space, with spatial volume manipulation and application Of surface treatment. The design of the interior space relies on aspects of environmental psychology, interior design design, product design and furniture design in More of the traditional decoration. An interior designer is a person who is an experienced professional in the field of interior fitting or one who designs interior as part of their work requirements.

Modern interior design is a creative practice that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a concept

Once the layout set, the interior designer will begin To specify the materials, finishes and furnishings needed, such as furniture, lighting, floor coverings, wall coverings and artworks. Depending on the complexity of the design project, the designer will have to prepare drawings and submit them for architectural examination, which will require approval from a construction inspector later to ensure that the design Is equivalent to all applicable building codes. If a design requires structural work, the designer will have to work with an architect or engineer for this part of the project. Most designs also require the hiring of contractors to perform technical tasks such as lighting, electrical wiring or plumbing,.

Interior decoration is the art of decorating rooms of the house so that it looks attractive, easy to use and functional well with the existing design architecture. The purpose of interior decoration is to provide a unique feel in the room; It essentially involves applying wallpapers, painting walls and other surfaces, choosing furniture and accessories such as fixtures, flooring and other Decorations such as paintings, carvings and carpets



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