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The day and age of the neighborhood friendly grocery store has long passed, supermarkets now dominate the retail business. The UK supermarket chain ASDA was recently bought by US retail and wholesale giant Wal-Mart. After keeping the name of ASDA, the supermarket chain has expanded and opened stores across the UK, recruiting many employees along the way. Recruitment policies have undergone a major overhaul with a major local recruitment campaign. Recruitment campaigns are sometimes organized seasonally, as at Christmas, when additional part-time staff are hired to deal with the rise in business. Applications can be completed online or by visiting a local store and get an application form. After reviewing the application, the next step for a potential employee is an interview. This is followed by a period of training and probation where they are evaluated on their different skills. If they succeed well through these steps, they are hired and are part of the local ASDA family

to facilitate the recruitment process, especially the analysis of CVS and the examination of 39, interview, the ASDA recruitment group has taken a very formal model business. By taking advice from consulting agencies, the quality of recruited employees is constantly improving. Even the psychological tests were introduced as part of the recruitment process. The psychological testing process allows the team to ensure that the employee's personality matches the needs of the ASDA brand. One of the new recruiting campaigns used the help of a psychology consulting firm called Criterion. The company conducts a personality test, and the information obtained is then used to assess whether the employee would be appropriate for ASDA.

The process that Criterion uses is a useful filter that not only identifies the best candidates for the job but also at the same time creates a short list of employees that might require additional tests to predict with their abilities. Prior to this, the company relies solely on CVS and interviews to evaluate the value of an employee. The new system has reduced the interview process by more than fifty percent. While store assistants are still being recruited through the old system, the new personality test system is used to select employees who will be involved in management or want to work at head office.

. Ensure all new employees are as interested in the future of the company as the current management and staff. This will help secure a successful future for the company.


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