Audiovisual Equipment Manufacturers – Gather and Approve a Common Concept!


That's right, guys! Each of you thinks that you are the smartest and the best, and that your beautiful design will encourage your customers to buy your product rather than that of your competitors. Although it is twice as good at half the price. Well, you are wrong! And I'm fed up.

Let me explain. In the good old days, when you bought AV equipment, there were a lot of differences in the characteristics and quality, but at least one thing was sure: the color would be the silver, the LEDs would be green, the thing would be about 16 1/2 inches wide, and the on / off button would be on the left side. Was it really so beautiful? It's a matter of taste, but at least I had a stack of homogeneous material in my cabinet.

Then someone decided to make his products black, as can be a fashion statement. One of your components breaks down, you have to buy a new one, and then you're stuck with some kind of "black hole" in the middle of your brilliant equipment. At least now you can see when this component has attracted a critical amount of dust, but I do not know if it was the intention of the designers.

Sometime later, another newly appointed chief designer decided that his company should go with a golden color – and half of the market too. And if that was not enough, "Progress" welcomed us with amber LEDs, blue LEDs, white LEDs, and God knows what will follow. An ingenious engineer earned a huge bonus for designing a smart circuit to make them blink. Wow! And at different frequencies too !! Can I suggest a new LED that goes through five different colors – every second? Now, my AV components form a bunch of multicolored boxes with lights of all colors of the rainbow flashing at different frequencies.

But things got worse. For some reason, the old form factor was no longer fashionable, and designers began designing smaller boxes. Rounded. Horizontal and vertical. Retro designs. Sorry guys, we have enough! Now we can not even stack stupid things anymore. I can understand that a beautiful design can give a new TV an edge over its competitors – after all, television is the center of most living rooms. But the rest of the equipment … most people do not want to see it in the first place! So, at least, do not make it so difficult, and make sure they mix and stack – you do not care what our decoder looks like. If we had our way, it would be invisible.

And I almost reached that goal too. How? I took the problem in my hands and I put all the mess behind a frosted glass – and what an improvement! The components are partly invisible, the cables are hidden and no longer collect dust. But, dear manufacturers, this does not free you from your responsibilities!


Source by Anne Jacobs

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