Auto Repair and Maintenance Experts Present – How to Check an Auto Repair Estimate


You may not be aware of auto repairs, but that does not mean you can easily get ripped off by mechanics and technicians who can only do it after your money. Even if you may not know what an alternator is, you can always know if you have received a fair estimate or not. Here are some tips for doing this:

o Find out what repairs need to be done on your car. Let the mechanic make his own diagnosis of the problem.

o If parts need to be replaced, learn the cost of replacing these parts. If the necessary parts are original parts / equipment manufactured by the car manufacturer, you must ensure that you do not pay more than the price recommended by the manufacturer. Note that you can save money by using used parts because they have a wider price range.

o Make sure you understand what the mechanic intends to do to your car. If you only want routine maintenance work, that's what you should get. You do not need to deal with tire rotation or oil changes when they are not needed.

o When you receive the invoice, be sure to check it. Miscellaneous items can be used to cover the rags that have been used on your engine or the fees for hazardous waste, but they can also be used to add a few extra dollars to the total charge.

o If there is something you do not understand in the bill – whether in small print, illegible handwriting or technical terms and services that you do not know – ask questions and clarify things.

The best way to avoid being scammed or deceived by your well deserved money is to make sure you are dealing with a good honest mechanic. Ask your family or friends if they have any recommendations. And if you have an eligible candidate, do a background check by checking with the Better Business Bureau if any complaints have been filed against this mechanic or auto repair shop.


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