Auto Repair Quotes – 2 Vital Tips to Win the Car Repair Dating Game – For Women Only


In my time on this Earth, I am often blown away by the patterns that are repeated all around us. For example: the striking similarity between shopping for car repair quotes and dating.

I am a guy, and by default social means that I have to go out into the world and find a mate. Where am I going? What do I say when I find someone? How can I move to the next level … all these questions and more are what fill men's heads every time they walk with their faces shaved and their hair well twisted. This is also a variation very similar to what business owners go through when they open an auto repair shop. Where will I search for customers? What do I say when they come in? How can I convince them to buy? See the pattern?

There is also another rule in the dating game: the good guys finish last. Or another variation: the chicks dig saccades.

Why do you always see the most attractive women on men's arms, you know how to treat them horribly? It's because the jerks do not care about it and will say anything to put it to bed.

So how is it like trying to get auto repair quotes?

Next Door

When someone calls an auto repair shop looking for estimates, the person on the other end of the phone will probably tell him or her just about everything he needs to hear to get him through. It's their job. They are in business to make money.

Just like being hit in a bar, you'll hear every variation on every type of pickup line possible. Do they work? Yes! Why do you think that car repair scams are so prevalent and jerks get a lot of dates?

What are you doing about it? Stop falling for shaking. You already know that they will tell you what you need or what you want to hear, but does that mean you have to go to bed with them? Not at all. The trick here is to find some qualifying questions so that when they start the pitch, you can start the qualification process. This is also known as "watch but do not touch."

Frequently, just like the computer geek you should be with who does not seem to have all the sex appeal of the tattoo artist, so are the auto repair shops that tell you exactly what you need to hear. The geek may not know how to show up, but when you look at the big picture, would not you prefer to be with someone who will treat you like a queen?

There are ways to find stores that will not treat you like a piece of meat.

Automobile Repair Quotes Dating Tip # 2: Will you still respect me in the morning?

Sure, I'm going to Sharon … or was it Susan Stephanie? It does not matter. Do you mind if I leave my jeans on your couch so I know where they are when I get out of here 10 minutes?

If you do not qualify these store guys before you enter the door, you'll be in a world of trouble. Just like the boys "hit em and quit em" in the bar scene, unscrupulous mechanics will be your best friend until they charge you a $ 2500 repair bill on what should have been a oil change of $ 25. do they do that? Because they think that they can. It is a well-known fact, car repairs have become very technical and complex. You may not know exactly how to fix your car, but why should it stop you from asking the right questions? Not asking the right questions in the store has the same result as the next day's breakfast with your girlfriends when you tell them, "He seemed so nice, he was really interested in everything I had to say. went wrong. "

What did not work, is that you fell for a jerk." Not entirely your fault, hope can sometimes be a killer. hope, but temper it wisely.You can tame the jerks, push them back and make your way to the good ones.But when you shop for car repair estimates, it's better to ask the right questions. you can wake up in a sleazy motel room somewhere in Mexico, missing a kidney and handcuffed to a bed.


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