Auto Repair Sales – How to Sell $ 1,000,000 in Service


A car repair sale is a popular topic with most shop owners. A million dollars seems to be a magic number for many traders. They have a hard time hitting it, or they did it and now they want two or three million. Whatever the purpose, the performance of fantastic auto repair sales is really very simple (not always easy, but simple). To achieve outstanding performance in auto repair sales, you must always do four things.

1. Listen carefully to the client and quickly establish a rapport and a relationship.

2. Ask for the biggest possible sale while offering the highest perceived value.

3. Do the work. Quickly and correctly.

4. Lock the customer into a long-term relationship with your store; repeat steps one, two and three at least three times a year.

In the first step, the key is quickly. To sell a million dollars (or more) in one year, everything will happen quickly! The reporting process should not take much time. You can very quickly build strong relationships with a new client just by having them talk to themselves.

Question: How long have you lived here? -What kind of work do you do? I am talking to you about your children / pets … All these questions lead the customer to talk to herself and give you the opportunity to identify and comment on points of interest. interest or common experiences. None of this takes more than a few minutes, but during this process, the vital process of building trust is underway.

In the second step, the key asks for the largest possible sale. Fear prevents most sellers from asking for the big sale. Instead, they persuade themselves that the customer will only accept a much lower figure; a figure that they (the seller) are comfortable with. That's why I spend so much time in the advanced service editor sales training class working on the closing issue. The closing question is the key to overcoming fear. With it memorized and practiced fear soothes and the service writer is able to request much larger sales than ever before. I've seen this tool add over $ 300 per RO to an average of the stores' OR. It's that POWERFUL!

The first two steps are the pure stage of automatic repair sale. The third step is a management step. The first two steps involve the service author who controls his actions. The third step requires that they motivate and lead someone else to act. The best way to do this is MBA "Management By Walking Around". It simply means that you can not forget a ticket once it is in the hands of technology. You have to go out regularly in the store (usually every 5 to 10 minutes a day) and make sure the work goes on. You must quickly remove any obstacles to success such as room problems, bad attitudes or unexpected difficulties with the repair. This is an essential and often overlooked part of auto repair sales.

In the fourth step, we are back to sales. The biggest missed opportunity in most stores is the opportunity to engage the customer on his next visit while visiting this tour. All you have to do is tell them when their next visit is and most people will say ok. Note that I did not tell them to ask when they could make their next visit; I told them when their next appointment is. The key is to assume that they will come back and do them the favor of planning this. I teach several simple techniques in the advanced service editor sales training class that make this engagement very easy, simple and natural.

So, here are the four simple steps (not necessarily easy) to sell a million dollars (or more) in service. If you are constantly following these steps, the million dollars is yours! A car repair sale is not difficult if you know the steps and have the tools.


Source by David A Dickson

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