Automatic Repair Bases: Open Your Hood


Too many auto repair items and videos assume a certain level of knowledge on the part of the reader / viewer. While this is not condescending, the truth is that many motorists know almost nothing about their vehicles. They know how to drive and change radio stations, but that's about it. And frankly, with a good mechanic, no more than a phone call, it's not always necessary to know much more than that. Of course, taking the first hesitant steps to do your own car work (or even checking your oil) requires a little expansion of your knowledge. So here's how to blow the hood.

The Lever
More often than not (at least if you drive a car manufactured in the last twenty years), the first step to open the hood will start inside the car. The lever to do this will be located in a different place on each vehicle, but it is often under the dash. This will usually, but not always, be a much bigger lever than those used to blow up the trunk and the fuel tank, but it works the same way. Consult your owner's manual for the location of your car. Just pull it out and you should hear the bonnet release.

The Security Lock
You're not quite out of the wood yet. To prevent the hood from accidentally stealing during vehicle operation, all cars are equipped with a security lock. You will have to press on it and lift the hood simultaneously. This is another situation where it is different for each model. Just pull the hood off as far as possible and feel around you until you find it. If you can not find it, your owner's manual should contain a diagram that tells you where to look. Press (or pull) and you should be able to fully lift the hood and access the engine for an automatic repair.

Staying Open
Hoods operate in two ways: they stay upright or have to be supported by a rod. If yours stays alone, congratulations! You have all finished and you can start checking the oil, changing the candles or performing any other auto repair. If you need a connecting rod, you should find it on the right side of the engine compartment. It will be connected to the car on one side and detached (well, held in a small latch) on the other. Pull it up and place it in one of the holes on the top of the hood. Gently adjust the hood and make sure it's not going anywhere. That's all there is to it!


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