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Many people are resting and waiting for something to go wrong in their home before they are repaired. But if you are actually calculating the cost of repairs, you will realize that it is much cheaper to have everything in your house checked and properly maintained, instead of emergency repairs. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but your home will generally work a lot better and you will enjoy your home instead of fighting the problems that keep popping up.

List of places to maintain

Bathrooms : Cracks in bathroom walls can create a lot of problems. As there is so much water flowing through the pipes, there is a lot of leakage. This then spreads to the rest of the house. Get all appliances, walls, bathtubs and sinks checked once a year. Cover all cracks and make sure that the seal is done properly.

The Roof : Roof repairs can cost a bomb if you suddenly poke a hole in the roof or it starts to leak. Autumn is the best time to hire someone to get up on the roof and check properly. This will keep you warm and safe during the winter and will save you a lot of future problems.

Tiles and Walls : Soft mussels to be collected under the tiles and on the edges of the walls. Having to replace the tiles and continue to paint your walls will cost a fortune. Have them check regularly so that you can catch the mold before it spreads and treat it so that the walls and tiles stay dry.

Drains and Gutters : We often forget to look in places that can not be seen easily. So, even if we notice a mold on the wall of the room, we probably will not notice a leak in the gutter on the outside wall of the house. The cleaning of drains and gutters once a year is very hygienic and avoids the proliferation of bacteria and odors. It is better to have it checked that suddenly the dirty water gets stuck and runs into the house!

Features to Maintain

• Check your HVAC system before each spring so that it works properly and smoothly.
• Repair broken smoke detectors and check them annually to protect your home from fire.
• Stain your deck each year to keep it beautiful and prevent moss from growing.
• Clean all air ducts and replace air filters.
• Keep track of light bulbs and lampshades so that they are clean and work all the time.
• Correct any small leak as soon as it starts, before it turns into a major leak and destroys half of your house.


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