Ayurveda Beauty Tips For Fatty Deposits in The Eyelids – A Sign Of Impaired Fat Metabolism


Greasy deposits in the eyelids do not look good. The fat is thick, oily, viscous and dense. The fat is under the skin between the muscles and in all the familiar places we hate.

And the fat is behind the eyeballs in a place that is very useful to us, unless it is in excess.

If you have fatty deposits in your eyelids, you may also be over-thirsty, have a slow metabolism, have water retention, and like to sit and read or even like to sleep a lot.

You can be thin and have fatty deposits in your eyelids, too? too lean is also a big imbalance of the metabolism.

Do you already have hot feet or hands? Or do you get several boils? These are real blocks for your beauty and are also health problems. These symptoms are related to fatty deposits in the eyelids and other places.

The first step in eliminating the harmful effect of fatty deposits in your eyelids is to recognize them as part of an extended health imbalance. Understand that this is related to your heart, your liver and maybe your thyroid.

You can take a test in Ayurveda to measure your fat to see if your fat metabolism is impaired. Measure the width of the skin around the belly, chest, buttocks and hips with a common tape measure. Do it every day. Do this every week and compare. You will begin to see the metabolism pattern of your body.

Check your weight before eating. Eat your average meal. If you take half a pound or more an hour after a meal, it indicates that you have a slow metabolism.

If you have fatty deposits in your eyelids, Ayurveda recommends for your daily beauty practice a specific diet.

Avoid salt, alcohol, red meat, hard cheeses and, of course, fatty or fried foods.

The following herbs are Ayurvedic recommendations to restore the proper metabolism of fats. But, please consult an Ayurvedic professional if you decide to use them; In Ayurveda, everyone is different and you need expert advice on how to apply them to your unique needs. Trikatu, cumin, coriander and fennel are excellent for restoring healthy fat metabolism. If you cook with them regularly, they are like a miracle for a person with fatty deposits and obesity.

Ayurveda recommends as a daily chant: "Exercise, exercise, exercise." This is the mantra for the person who has this beauty problem. Also recommended is the breathing exercise known as the lion, in which you open your mouth like a lion, roars and expires, pull your tongue and scream. The other type of breathing is Bhastrika, which is an exhale and a forced inspiration.

Emotional stress is a direct link to fat. Neuro-emotional science explaining the stress and metabolism of fats in the body has been mapped. So, there is no discussion as to whether this is true or not. You could spend the next five years reading all the material already on the subject in modern science today. Be aware of your need to exercise, eat spicy foods, light foods, and do the breathing exercises that I have talked about. The greasy deposits in your eyelids are definitely a beauty challenge and it's an awakening on the health of your fat metabolism.

Ayurveda zeros body types on if you have fatty deposits in the eyelids are KaphaVata, KaphaPitta, and Kapha predominate, and Vata body types if their fat metabolism is unbalanced are also affected.

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