Ayurvedic Cosmetics – The New Growth Frontier for the Beauty Business


Beauty and cosmetics are as old as humanity. Women were and still are obsessed with the beauty of natural cosmetics. Indian herbs are significantly popular around the world for providing and maintaining beautiful skin and hair using product formulations that use only natural ingredients. Herbal cosmetics are an inestimable gift of nature and their demand increases dramatically

Go Green !! The growth of the cosmetic industry is driven by products that use natural and herbal ingredients in its preparation. A large number of people around the world are turning to natural and herbal cosmetics for skin and hair care. The skin care industry is expected to grow by more than 35%, making it the fastest growing industry in the world. India is the birthplace of skin care products and herbal hair. Natural herbal formulations have attracted a lot of attention because there are no known side effects from the use of these natural cosmetics unless some one is allergic to this particular ingredient itself. Chemical cosmetics have been found to be carcinogenic, which has discouraged most users and there is a big shift towards natural herbal cosmetics.

What is natural cosmetics?

pollutants that harm the skin and hair. Chemicals, risky lifestyle, stress, bad eating habits have an impact on the skin and hair. Excessive exposure to the sun also causes the skin to lose its radiance and become tanned or freckled. The use of chemical cosmetics harms the skin and can cause cancer in some cases. The best option for healthy skin and hair is the use of natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics are beauty products made from natural ingredients like plants, fruits, spices, herbs and natural oils. The old textbook of Ayurveda – the science of life has all the recipes for healthy skin, hair and a body without disease. The manual is now being studied by a group of scientists who are continually researching and developing new products based on these formulations to meet the needs of today 's women. Each cosmetic product manufactured uses natural plant material.

Lifestyle and awareness lead to the growth of the spa sector

Health has become a top priority around the world. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and the care of skin and hair in a natural way become the norm. With a hectic and stressful lifestyle, the spa culture has caught up. Spas offer a natural and holistic healing by a therapeutic massage that uses all natural ingredients and aromatic oils. These not only soothe the body, but the mind as well. Natural scrubs that use different types of sludge depending on the type of skin are prescribed to clean and polish the skin. With higher disposable income, spa vacations are considered a well-deserved vacation. Spa destinations are proliferating around the world and attracting guests who come to enjoy an outdoor adventure vacation, a beautiful property offering a serene environment, a set of body massages and de-stressing tools at affordable prices.

Use of Ayurvedic Cosmetics in Everyday Life

Aggressive chemicals used in cosmetics negatively affect the skin, hair and overall health of the user. The consumer is aware of this and prefers to use cosmetics made from natural ingredients. The demand for natural herbal cosmetics has increased in several ways. Most cosmetics companies are turning to natural cosmetics that include a range of skin care products such as sunscreens, skin toners, wrinkle creams, cleansers, scrubs, facial cleansers, moisturizers, massage oils and baths. and shower gels, acne packs, foot creams, hair oils, balms for hair massage and all that one can think of to beautify skin and hair . All of these cosmetics that are truly herbal have no known side effects that made them very popular.

Makers of Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Get the Glow in a Natural Way-Use Ayurvedic Cosmetics is the mantra of success. It is not possible for every manufacturer to move on to manufacturing such a wide range of natural cosmetics to suit different segments of buyers. The best option available is that of private label manufacturers. The leading private label manufacturers have a wide range of formulations for hair and skin care that are developed by a team of experts in their establishment. All the formulation is tested and modified according to the natural plant material available today. The formulations are designed for an optimal effect of the combination of ingredients used. You can grow as fast as the demand for natural cosmetics increases.


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