Babies Acne – How to Treat Baby’s Acne


The treatment of acne in babies is a method of treating acne neonarorum or acne in babies. About 20% of babies have this condition. it is caused by stimulation of the sebaceous gland by the mother's hormones that reach the infant during delivery. These mother hormones stimulate the infant's sebaceous glands that form bumps and pimples in the infant's forehead, chin, cheeks and face.

It is formed after birth or at the age of 3 weeks. It is more common in male than in female babies.

There are two types. Papules and pustules suffered by infants. Pustules are like the white spots of normal acne with pus. And the other type, the papules have red color, and they look like red pimples.

There is not much need for a cure for acne in infants. It will disappear after three months. You must keep your baby's skin clean with fresh water and baby soaps. They should not exaggerate using oil or lotions that will aggravate the case of acne.

The more difficult and irritated the infant becomes, the more the pimples worsen. You must keep the baby in a pure atmosphere. Many doctors recommend benzoyl peroxide and other over-the-counter medications as acne-prone skin treatment in babies, whenever severe acne develops. You can use this treatment only on the recommendation of the doctor to avoid aggravation of pimples. Infant acne is a temporary and normal condition. The bumps will disappear after a few weeks.

The best method to treat this acne is time (I mean patience). You have to wait until the bumps disappear. Being aware of the nature of this infant's acne and its temporary agents can help you a lot because you will not be misled by bad ideas! To worry too much will not help. The acne of newborns disappears when the baby is about 6 months old even without drugs. Waiting for the baby to become too big for acne is the proper medication for babies' acne.


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