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A young girl cashed me the other day by wearing so much eyeliner that I thought she was a quarterback. I was going to attack her, take her in a half nelson, and look down, but then she gave me my crescent and I became distracted. I have nothing against the lining of aggressive eyes (Diana Ross signature look) it was the rest of her naked territory that was watching me face an uneven skin tone, dry lips and a couple of solitary cheekphones available for coloring.

I see too much of this – an unfinished face. She looked like a poor soul in full metamorphosis and security came in and broke her. I do not suggest for a minute that you have to be too zealous in front of the mirror at half past five in the morning. But life is an act of balance and beauty too! If you had three children, you would not dress one and not send the other two during an outing. (It was my childhood). Your babies are your eyes, your cheeks and your lips. Dress all three and there will be no divorces. Here are some makeup tips to help you.

Big Makeup Tip # 1

Do not get upset when your eyes are talking!

If your eyes are at the center of makeup, keep the other two areas of color softer. Dark eyes and dark lips are extremely stylized, and few can remove it. Let one of the three color areas of your face take center stage while others are doing the backup. Do not underestimate the backups. The back-up dancers made Madonna's girly tour famous!

Giant Makeup Tip # 2

Fast formula for fabulousness!

Base, browsers, eyelashes and lips

This is a partial but complete look from the top down. Partial does not mean compartmentalized.

Your Base: Regardless of the foundation format you choose, it should work with a color and texture that matches your skin . The color matching will allow you to place your foundation ONLY in problem areas – not ear to ear. This will make your skin sing with a minimal product. The texture matching will maintain your level of uniform personal moisture. If you have a more oily skin type, and choose an opposite texture format to your base (ie Powder Foundation), it will look unnatural and irregular as it is so polar of your own skin.

Solution: Choose an oil-free liquid base that coexists with the natural glow of your skin.

Have your eyebrows treated by a professional:

Personally, I am a big fan of the traditional cut and tweezers. Once your natural forehead has been evaluated and bought at speed (this LA – Hollywood front) just a little simple finesse with morning color will framing a minimal makeup in natural beauty.

A minute Mascara application!

Wipe your mascara wand with a Kleenex. Too much product loaded on the brush will ensure lumpy and lumpy workouts in the office and potentially hinder your driving. It takes very little product to build yours, believe me. When the tube is slightly dry, add a few drops of 99% alcohol in the tube. This will help liquefy it and kill some bacteria.

Leave your lips!

There is a range of spots and glosses like never before. No apologies for a bare mouth. If you do not know what shade you can indulge in, here are some makeup tips for your new beauty adventure – if your hair color is light, then lighter and softer lip shades are more favorable. If you have darker hair, then more vibrant and richer lips are in place for you. The freshness of your hair color stays with cooler shades on your mouth. And the hottest of your hair color, warm up your smile. If you are not sure of the color status of your doing, ask your barber what category you are falling into.

Good luck beauties, I will look.


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