Bamboo Shades Offer Organic Beauty to Homeowners Desiring It


Window blinds are a beautiful accessory for the casual and traditional home of today. Bamboo is mainly imported to the US market and bamboo shades are made by weaving bamboo sticks to make a woven wood fabric woven from a variety of jute, reeds and grasses. Bamboo shades are popular, especially now, considering the environmentally friendly materials and processes that are involved. Bamboo is biodegradable and durable. It grows and matures in as little as three years and can be harvested several times making it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or wood blinds. As there are a lot of grains and textures in bamboo, they come in a neutral style that can work with indoor and outdoor designs. In today 's economy, they are an affordable alternative to other window treatments. They work well with inexpensive store-bought cloth trims to create a warm and inviting look especially regardless of the size of the window. Although they are usually purchased in a natural color, bamboo blinds last a long time and can be painted.

The blinds are available in different textures and different natural and organic colors, ranging from blond to black. Matchstick bamboo is most commonly used when creating blinds. To meet the growing demand for new models, more and more models have been incorporated using this bamboo. To create the pattern, natural bamboo "tubes" are used to pull the blinds and naturally enrich the color concentrations. The more natural bamboo is used, plus the privacy options. When materials other than bamboo, such as other types of grasses or additional colors are added and that privacy is enacted, an occulting liner may be added to the store to ensure privacy. . In addition, the color of bamboo can sometimes change, even if slightly. It is important to have a conversation with your designer or salesperson regarding color changes, if any. The location of the blind in terms of "aging" that it will receive from the sun or other external elements to which it may be exposed should be discussed. Different manufacturers offer different suggestions for "care". Therefore, a conversation with a knowledgeable representative will prevent any surprises regarding minor changes in color or texture.

Although we can order large bamboo plates online to mount them on sliding rails and windows, it is always good to test the bamboo shade for the amount of light that passes before the # 39; s purchase. The interesting feature of using bamboo blinds for this purpose, according to the reasons already mentioned, is that one shade slides behind the other and behind the other using a pull cord – creating an elegant effect.

Designers and store owners typically offer two types of bamboo blinds: bamboo base blinds and roman style blinds. (Roman style fold and roll style)

o Basic bamboo shades offer the most natural and organic look to the window. They will usually work the best to bring the "outside". Given its flexibility and offers in terms of confidentiality, low cost processing and ease of isolation, it is becoming more and more popular. Often, bamboo is sewn and rolled up and down with the help of a simple drawstring. Its natural structure allows light to enter while providing privacy.

The lampshade is flat when it is closed and has a driving effect when it is "open".

o Bamboo shades are the most flexible to create a unique style while retaining the environmental and economic benefits of the basic bamboo shade. The Venetian bamboo shade is available pre-cut for traditional sized windows or can be customized to accommodate windows that are not standard size.

Bamboo blinds create a casual look and an environment friendly environment. Given the popularity of "going green," retailers can expect growing interest from buyers in a variety of bamboo shades sold in stores and on the Internet.


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