Basement drawings to stay away from


Having a finished basement and a unique design can be a lot of fun. I have not had such a chance with my basement, but if you avoid the mistakes I've made, your basement designs will run a lot easier. Keep reading so you do not have to kick back at a later date.

The first thing you should think about when deciding on the design of your basement is the humidity or humidity that could occur. For example, I had this brilliant idea that I wanted a whirlpool in my basement. You know, so everyone would have a place to relax. It did not turn out to be a great idea as I had hoped. The extra humidity that the hot tub could turn off can become a huge problem.

Too much moisture will lead to extremely mildew and rotten wood, which do not lend themselves well to successful basement designs. If you really want a place to entertain, be sure to stay with something dry like a game room or media center. These are great ways to go out and are beautiful dry basement designs.

If you operate a home-based business, you may have thought about adding a store or living room in your basement. There are many things that you have not considered in these types of basement designs.

I read about a lady who made crafts and who sold them very well. She decided to turn her basement into a store so she did not have to lug around her belongings at a flea market or a day's fair. Of course, customers had to enter the living room of her house to get to the basement, and some days she just did not want to clean up.

What would happen if a customer sped on dirty laundry and slipped on a hot-wheeled car? Unless you keep your home immaculately clean all the time, this may not be one of the best basement models to go with. If you want to use your foundation for your business, make it your personal office. Discover another option for customers to visit.

Here are some other things to avoid when choosing from different basement designs:

– Do not choose basement designs that include lots of books in your basement, clothes or a karaoke machine . The books can absorb extra moisture and be damaged. Clothes can also absorb moisture, and mildew and ruin. The karaoke machine is not a good idea without every friend you have is a good singer.

– Do not choose basement designs that include carpets or hardwood floors. You will replace it every few years because of the damage caused by moisture. Instead, opt for stone floors, or ceramic tiles.

– Finally, do not choose basement designs that feature guest suites, guest rooms, or guest areas unless you are actually interested in having guests.


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