Basic concepts of Art Deco Interior Design


People will think that it is fun to work with art, especially if we organize some Thing for ourselves. Colors, clean lines and bold prints are very interesting to mix. If you are considering redecorating your entire home or just a room, it is useful to know the basic concepts of interior design deco.

The first concepts you need to pay attention to when arranging yourself is geometric shapes and clean lines. And you need to know that it consists of well-defined lines, similar sweeping curves with the design of aircraft rationalization.

As the influence of industrial power, materials such as stainless steel Steel and textures enter the art deco. It affects people's vision of nature and creates things such as lacquered wood. From this influence, it develops and the expression of the space of a room becomes more creative.

Stainless steel and textures also influence the use of clean lines that give crisp and opulent sense at the same time. In industrial time, other materials become as popular as marble, ebony and glass. If you want a shiny surface, there are plenty of materials in art deco available for that sense.

Next, art deco interior design developed with the influence of many other cultures. Not only in one country, but has also brought many effects of other countries with its own characteristic.

There are also more soft fabrics and materials like shark, zebra patterns, or elegant soft silks affect people 's vision in the art. Thus, it is possible if you want to get a situation of warm peaceful waters, savannahs of Africa or the beauty of Chinese and Japanese. With a little imagination and creativity combining these materials, you can apply art deco as well as possible.


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